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    Challenge Rift - Week 80

    Challenge Rift Week 80 is live! This week the Challenge Rift features a variety of Barbarian builds! If you are curious how Challenge Rift builds are chosen each week, you can view this official blog post!




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    Up until this point, I have felt that discussing Diablo: Immortal was completely fruitless. It has been roughly two months since the catastrophe that was the announcement at BlizzCon, and only now has the dust settled enough for me to feel comfortable giving my impressions of the game. To me, the story of Diablo: Immortal is not the story of a mobile game people don’t want. Rather, it’s the story of a shifting culture within Blizzard and how that has changed their public perception as a company.



    My impressions of the game start long before I ever got my hands on it, or even before the reveal announcement at the opening ceremony. For me, BlizzCon 2018 was my first BlizzCon. I’ve always watched form afar wishing that I could be there in person, and with rumors over the past couple years of a new Diablo project in the works, I knew I had to go this year.


    Clearly, the announcement of Immortal was not what I wanted as a die-hard Diablo fan. I remember feeling incredibly disappointed after the opening ceremony ended, and it took me several hours to work up enough enthusiasm to go halfheartedly try the demo.


    I picked the Monk out of the available three classes and jumped right in. The initial demo area was a tutorial with Deckard teaching you how to play. After defeating a wave of enemies, a new ability would unlock for you to use until your full build was available. Once the tutorial was complete, the game led you out into an open area akin to the Fields of Misery in Diablo 3.


    It was then that I ran across two of my friends that I entered the demo area with, and it happened seamlessly. Loot in this area worked like it does in Diablo 3, with each of us having our own version of drops that nobody else could steal. After working through the large zone, and killing many rare packs along the way, you finally entered a dungeon that would queue you up with other nearby players. At the end of said dungeon was a difficult boss that had a set mechanics you needed to learn in order to survive.


    I went into the demo wanting to hate this game as much as I could, but by the time I got to the end I realized I was having fun. Unlike Neinball’s experience with the controls, the game felt immediately accessible to me. Before I reached the half-way point in the demo, I found myself combing my abilities seamlessly. The gameplay was a much faster pace than I was expecting, and the game played better than I could have imagined.


    As for performance, the game was running on some kind of Android device. The framerate felt very smooth, and the game looked great! I’m curious how the game will run on my iPhone X, especially with much more enemies on the screen then the demo allowed.


    Overall, I really enjoyed my time with the game, and I can’t deny the fact that it was fun to play. Would I have preferred to have been playing a new Diablo game on PC? Of course, there is no denying that; however, that will happen in good time as Blizzard has continuously pointed out since BlizzCon. With that said, I’m looking forward to playing Immortal while I’m stuck in airports or indisposed in the bathroom.

    A Shifting Blizzard


    To me, the true story of Diablo: Immortal isn't just that it's a mobile game, but the story of a shifting culture within Blizzard. This concept has been reported on by Jason Schreier over on Kotaku and is further reinforced by the recent Heroes of the Storm announcement.


    We know that Blizzard is currently working on multiple new mobile titles, and regardless of how you feel about mobile gaming, this appears to line up with a rising initiative within Blizzard to cut costs and ship more games. Whether this change is coming from within the company or as outside pressure from Activision is currently unclear.


    Personally, I’m not against mobile gaming and I feel like it has a valuable place within the industry. For example, I have played roughly two hours of Stardew Valley on my phone each week over the past couple months (despite also owning the game on PC), simply because it’s a convenient place to enjoy a game that I love.


    I have no doubt that Blizzard can, and will, make really great mobile games, but whether those games will be for me is yet to be seen. As a fan of Blizzard, I want more titles on the PC and I want to see a refocusing of their efforts in that space. I want to see Blizzard hold back games that aren’t ready because I would rather wait months, or even years, to have a finished game than get a game that was shipped to early.


    Blizzard's culture and priorities seem to be in a state of flux, and I believe it’s possible for them to recover the good grace they have with fans. However, it is going to require a fairly significant change in trajectory from where they are currently heading. Diablo: Immortal is a Diablo game that some may love and others may hate, but it's not the future of franchise. The Diablo fan-base has their eyes set to the horizon for the next big Diablo game. Only time will tell if Blizzard is able to deliver on an experience their fans have been patiently waiting for.

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    Challenge Rift - Week 78

    Challenge Rift Week 78 is live! This week, the Challenge Rifts feature two no-set demon hunter builds, and a final one focusing on a Natalya's Rain of Vengeance setup! If you are curious how Challenge Rift builds are chosen each week, you can view this official blog post!



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    Season 16: The Season of Grandeur Begins 1/18

    Season 16 begins on 1/18, and with it comes the biggest seasonal shake-up in quite some time! All season long, the Ring of Royal Grandeur buff will be available to all seasonal players without needing to wear the ring! On top of that, many of the existing class sets have been buffed! Check out all the details below.


    Originally Posted by Nevalistis (Official Post)


    Season 16 begins January 18 and accompanies our latest Diablo III patch. Read on to learn more about upcoming class set tweaks, quality of life changes, and a brand-new Seasonal buff that’s sure to make Season 16 grand!



    Table of Contents

    New Season Theme

    Season 16 introduces a brand-new buff to the mix that will change up the way you play. For the duration of Season 16, all Seasonal players will benefit from the legendary power of the Ring of Royal Grandeur. This means you do not need to hunt down or equip the item to benefit from its Set bonus-enabling ability! Bear in mind that this buff does not stack with additional Rings of Royal Grandeur, whether they be equipped directly on your character or via the Jewelry slot in Kanai’s Cube.


    For the uninitiated, this means many classes may be able to combine different Class Set bonuses in new ways—or squeeze yet another Legendary power into their favorite builds. Theorycrafters unite!—this is the season to strut your stuff, experiment to your heart’s content, and push the limits of your most perfectly crafted build. While we’ve done our own experimenting, we can’t wait to see what the community comes up with in Season 16!


    New Cosmetic Rewards

    Season 16 will also introduce new cosmetic rewards, obtainable by progressing through the Season Journey.



    In addition to the Helm and Shoulder slots of the exclusive Conqueror Set, players can earn a brand-new series of portrait frames themed around the clarion call of adventure.. For the most devoted cosmetic collectors, we have a pair of wings fit for a monarch. The Wings of Lempo draw inspiration from some of the noblest creatures in Sanctuary, and aside from a cosmically rare drop, few other wings are quite as lovely.


    Season Journey Rewards

    If you’ve been diligently slaying demons for the past few Seasons and reached Conqueror in the Season Journey each time, you’ve surely accrued a few extra stash tabs by now. But players who have not yet earned a total of four stash tabs via the Season Journey can still unlock an additional one by completing the following tasks at the Conqueror tier:


    • Guardian of Sanctuary: Finish a level 70 Nephalem Rift on Torment XIII within five minutes
    • Gem of My Life: Level three Legendary Gems to level 55
    • All I Do IS Win: Complete two Conquests this Season
    • In for The Kill: Kill Azmodan at level 70 in under 30 seconds on Torment XIII difficulty
    • Money Ain’t a Thang: Slay Greed on Torment XIII difficulty
    • Take U There: Reach Greater Rift level 60 Solo
    • Power Amplification: Use Kanai’s Cube to augment an Ancient Legendary item with a level 50+ gem
    • Cubic Reconfiguration: Use Kanai’s Cube to reforge a Legendary item

    Seasonal Conquests


    The Seasonal Conquest rotation continues! For the speedy, Speed Demon/Need for Speed requires the fastest nephalem to complete a Nephalem Rift at level 70 on Torment X or higher in under two minutes. On a Good Day/I Can’t Stop guides you to get your Legendary Gem grind on; level three Legendary Gems to 65 to complete this challenge! For the fiercest demon slayers, Boss Mode/World’s Apart is a speed challenge where you’ll need to eliminate the following bosses at level 70 and Torment X in under twenty minutes:


    • The Skeleton King
    • The Butcher
    • Zoltun Kulle
    • Ghom
    • Cydaea
    • Rakanoth
    • Diablo
    • Adria
    • Queen Araneae
    • Maghda
    • Belial
    • Siegebreaker Assault Beast
    • Azmodan
    • Izual
    • Urzael
    • Malthael


    Talk about a mouthful! For Curses!/Stars Align, pick any Cursed Chest event that requires killing monsters and defeat over 350 or more at level 70 on Torment X or higher. Finally, Years of War/Dynasty demonstrates your mastery of multiple classes by clearing a Greater Rift level 55 solo with the full bonuses of any six full Class sets.


    Haedrig’s Gift

    Finally, the Class Sets available for completing certain chapters in the Season Journey courtesy of Haedrig’s Gift have rotated once more. We’ve listed the available Sets below. For those new to Seasons, here’s how it works:


    Completing Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of the Season Journey will reward you with three of Haedrig’s Gifts. Each Gift contains a few pieces from one of your Class Sets. Players can only unlock one Class Set in this manner per Season across Hardcore and Non-Hardcore, so choose wisely!


    The set you will receive depends on the Class of the character you’re playing when you open each Haedrig’s Gift. To collect a full Class Set, you’ll need to open all three on the same character.


    Here are the sets granted by Haedrig’s Gift in Season 16:


    • Barbarian – Immortal King’s Call
    • Crusader – Seeker of the Light
    • Demon Hunter – Natalya’s Vengeance
    • Monk – Uliana’s Stratagem
    • Necromancer – Trag’Oul’s Avatar
    • Witch Doctor – Spirit of Arachyr
    • Wizard – Vyr’s Amazing Arcana

    Quality of Life Changes

    Thanks to player feedback, we’ve focused on a couple of frequently requested changes to improve the overall Diablo experience. This includes minor changes, such as removing Legendary potions from player inventories so that they no longer take up space, but also more significant changes to celebrating end-game loot in Primal Legendaries.


    Primal Legendaries were, from the start, a goal largely intended for the segment of our audience pushing themselves to take on the game’s most challenging experiences. As power has increased over time, Primals have become more accessible across the board and we realized they were not celebrated or even as obvious as they should be, considering how ultimate they feel in a build. To this end, we’ve added specially colored beams and a unique mini-map icon to highlight when they drop, as well as shined up their tooltip and border colorations to be more discernible.



    Finally, we want to make sure everyone is clear when they can start collecting Primal Legendaries; upon completing your first Greater Rift 70 or higher Solo, you’ll receive an achievement indicating your accomplishment and the Greater Rift boss will be guaranteed to drop a Primal Legendary. This drop is subject to all other loot rules—meaning while there’s a large chance it will be suited for your class, randomness does play a factor.


    Class Set Updates

    The balance changes from Patch 2.6.1 have had a few seasons to percolate, allowing most classes and builds to settle in and reach for their best performance. With Patch 2.6.4, we’ve identified some of the best performing builds, like Condemn Crusader and Rathma’s Necromancer, and we’re looking to bring many of the other class set builds up to par.


    This is largely a numbers pass, and we haven’t just focused on class sets—the “no set Set” Legacy of Nightmares will be receiving a sizeable buff as well. We know many of you are curious as to what changes may have occurred as a result of your testing on the PTR. The updated Patch Notes are below for your viewing pleasure, so you can begin plotting out your ideal build before Season 16 begins!


    PATCH 2.6.4 - V2.6.4.54724

    Table of Contents:

    • General
    • Greater Rifts
    • Seasons
    • Class Set Changes
      • All Classes
      • Barbarian
      • Crusader
      • Demon Hunter
      • Monk
      • Necromancer
      • Witch Doctor
      • Wizard
      • General
        • Quality of Life
          • Philosophy
            • For this patch, we wanted to include a few frequently requested Quality of Life changes and focused on better celebrating and indicating Primal Legendary drops.
          • Five (5) additional Armory tabs have been added for all characters, bringing the total to 10
          • Legendary Potions are no longer stored in player inventory and can be accessed or changed by right-clicking on the potion icon in the action bar
          • Greater Rift Keystones are now stored in the Materials tab
            • Any existing Greater Rift Keystones in both inventory and stash have been automatically moved
          • Primal Legendaries are now marked by a red beam when they drop
          • Primal Legendaries on the ground are now indicated by a red pentagram icon on the mini-map
          • Primal Legendaries now have a red border and updated background on their icons
        • Greater Rifts
          • Philosophy
            • The gameplay of micro-managing Paragon points during the course of a Greater Rift doesn't feel like especially engaging gameplay, nor was it consistent with the other existing rules of entering a Greater Rift. In addition, the below change to matchmaking is to make it much easier for all players to find groups for Greater Rifts, as the previous window (only between Greater Rifts) is typically very small.
          • Paragon points can no longer be swapped while a Greater Rift is open
          • Players can now be matched into public games where a Greater Rift is open
            • Players who join in this manner will not be able to enter the active Rift, and players inside the Rift will be able to continue with no additional difficulty scaling until the run has been completed
        • Seasons
          • Season 16: Season of Grandeur
            • The buff for Season of Grandeur has been implemented
              • This buff gives all Seasonal players the legendary power from Ring of Royal Grandeur
              • This buff does not stack with additional Ring of Royal Grandeur (either equipped or in Kanai's Cube)
              • Unlike previous Seasonal buffs, this buff will not apply to Non-Seasonal players
            • When completing a Greater Rift level 70 solo for the first time in a Season, a Primal Legendary is guaranteed to drop from the Rift Guardian
        • Class Set Changes
          • Philosophy
            • We are taking another tuning pass across all class sets to improve class and set diversity at higher level Greater Rifts. Some of these values have been adjusted per our observations as well as player feedback during the 2.6.4 PTR. Thanks for testing!
          • All Classes
            • Legacy of Nightmares
              • The (2) Set bonus has been increased from 100% to 750%
          • Barbarian
            • The Legacy of Raekor
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 2800% to 5500%
            • Immortal King's Call
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 1500% to 4000%
            • Might of the Earth
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 5600% to 20000%
            • Wrath of the Wastes
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 3000% to 10000%
          • Crusader
            • Thorns of the Invoker
              • The (2) Set bonus has been increased from 140% to 350%
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 5400% to 15000%
            • Roland's Legacy
              • The (4) Set bonus has been increased from 3300% to 13000%
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 50% increased Attack Speed to 75%
            • Seeker of the Light
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 2000% Blessed Hammer damage to 12000%
          • Demon Hunter
            • Embodiment of the Maruader
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 3000% to 12000%
            • Unhallowed Essence
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 100% to 350%
            • Natalya's Vengeance
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 3500% to 14000%
            • The Shadow's Mantle
              • The (2) Set bonus has been increased from 1200% to 6000%
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 50000% to 75000%
          • Monk
            • Uliana's Strategem
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 2100% to 9000%
            • Inna's Mantra
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 150% to 750%
            • Monkey King's Garb
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 1000% to 1500%
            • Raiment of a Thousand Storms
              • The (2) Set bonus has been increased from 100% to 400%
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 13000% Dashing Strike damage to 60000%
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 1300% Spirit Generator damage to 6000%
          • Necromancer
            • Trag'Oul's Avatar
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 3300% to 3800%
          • Witch Doctor
            • Spirit of Arachyr
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 4500% to 9000%
            • Helltooth Harness
              • The (2) Set bonus has been increased from 1500% to 3000%
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 4400% to 9000%
            • Raiment of the Jade Harvester
              • The (2) Set bonus has been increased from 560 seconds to 3500 seconds
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 1650 seconds to 10000 seconds
            • Zunimassa's Haunt
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 5500% to 15000%
          • Wizard
            • Tal Rasha's Elements
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 750% to 2000%
            • Delsere's Magnum Opus
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 3800% to 8500%
            • Vyr's Amazing Arcana
              • The (6) Set bonus has been increased from 50% bonus damage to 100%


    We can’t wait to see what combinations players come up with throughout the course of Season 16 . . . especially when considering the new Seasonal buff!



    Frequently Asked Questions Q: When does Season 16 start?


    A: Season 16 begins Friday, January 18 at 5:00 p.m. PST in North America, 5:00 p.m. CEST in Europe, and 5:00 p.m. KST in Asia. For time zone conversion, see this site.


    Q: When do Seasons go live for players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch?


    A: Seasons go live for all console players globally Friday, January 18 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, regardless of which regional version of the game you may have. Please note that Seasonal Leaderboards for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch are still separate by hardware platform.


    Q: When will Season 16 end?


    A: We currently anticipate that Season 16 will be ending on Sunday, March 17 at 5:00 p.m. PST in North America, 5:00 p.m. CEST in Europe, and 5:00 p.m. KST in Asia.


    Q: Why is the Season end date an estimate?


    A: Traditionally, we have given players two weeks’ notice prior to the ending of a Season. However, we’ve heard the community’s feedback, so going forward, we’ll be providing more comprehensive Season details in the Season preview blogs. Please bear in mind that this date is an estimate and there is always a chance it may shift. While we will do our best to hit these target dates as closely as possible, we will continue to verify the Season end date at the two-week warning mark.


    Q: When are the non-Seasonal Leaderboards being wiped?


    A: Non-Seasonal Leaderboards are tied to what we call “Eras,” each of which lasts about 6–12 months. The most recent era began November 9 and is scheduled to end January 8. For more information on Eras, please see this post.


    Q: What will happen to older Seasonal and Era records?


    A: Starting with Season 10, we removed old personal bests from Season 1. When Season 16 arrives, we will remove old personal bests from Season 7, and so on. We will be doing the same for personal bests from the previous Era when the next one goes live.


    Seasonal Leaderboard records are not being cleared and will remain archived both in game and on our website.


    Themed Seasons are continuing to evolve as we venture into the future, and we’re quite excited to see where this one leads. Are you looking forward to the Season of Grandeur? Which build or class set buff are you looking to experiment with first? Share your thoughts below and we’ll see you in Season 16

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    Diablo Community Guide to BlizzCon 2018


    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)


    The steady clamor of convention prep is ringing through the halls at the Anaheim Convention Center, adventurers, as we prepare our home away from home for your arrival! Whether you’re attending in person or observing all the activities from the comfort of your own home, here’s a handy guide to all things Diablo happening at BlizzCon this year.



    For Attendees


    Looking to meet us on the convention show floor? Here’s where you’ll be able to find various members of the Diablo development teams, try out demos, and learn more live at our panel stages.




    • Diablo: What’s Next (12:30 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. PDT – Hall D)
      • Join the Diablo team as they discuss what's in store for the heroes of Sanctuary.
    • Diablo: World and Q&A (5:45 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. PDT – Hall D)
      • Join Diablo developers as they explore the world of Sanctuary, then stay awhile and listen as the team answers questions from the community.




    • Diablo III Demo (Hall D)
      • Don’t have a Nintendo Switch™? Try out the magic of Diablo III on Switch live from the show floor!
    • Horadric Retreat (Hall D – Diablo III Demo Area)
      • Drop by our open play area with your own Nintendo Switch to meet new friends, play with our developers, and be a part of the great Diablo community!
        • Note: If you plan on bringing your Nintendo Switch to the show floor, please be prepared to present it powered on to our security staff at the door. Also note that patrons bearing any consoles that have been non-cosmetically modified may be denied access to the show floor.


    Exclusive Swag


    BlizzCon attendees will be able to get their gauntlets on some exclusive loot, and will also be able to purchase some products early at the show! Don’t miss out on these hot items (available in limited supply), and keep an eye on the Gear Store for more swag.


    • Diablo III Eternal Collection Switch Bundle
      • The devil in this detailed custom Nintendo Switch bundle is to die for—we’ll have a handful available on site; snatch one before they disappear!
    • Diablo III: Eternal Collection
      • Already got your Switch but want to join us on the floor for some Rifts? Physical copies of Diablo III: Eternal Collection will be available from the Gear Store and direct download on the Nintendo eShop.
        • Note: Due to high amounts of traffic, we recommend downloading the game outside of the show floor.
    • The Book of Adria
      • Sanctuary is home to the most dangerous of beasts, many birthed from the depths of the Burning Hells. Learn all about the foes you’ll face in the world of Diablo as penned by the devious witch, Adria.


    For Virtual Ticket Holders


    Not traveling to Anaheim? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of fun to be had via the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket! Whether you’re an attendee wanting to catch up on a panel you missed, or you’re watching from a cozy front row couch seat, you’ll have an all-access pass to original BlizzCon video content, digital goodies, and convention-exclusive loot!


    Exclusive Diablo Pet – Az-lo



    Who needs a shoulder angel when you can have a pint-sized demonic general instead? Az-lo will gladly scurry along your side, strategically collecting your loot as you adventure. Just don’t ask him to dunk; he’s a bit sensitive about his height.


    Full Panel and Original Video Access


    Virtual Ticket holders will have full live and on-demand video access to all BlizzCon content, including panels, exclusive behind-the-scenes video content, and the entire 2017 BlizzCon archive!


    Attending the convention in person? All BlizzCon badge holders will have their own BlizzCon All-Access pass, so you won’t have to make that tough choice between two panels or your favorite eSports event.


    One Week and Counting . . .


    With each passing day, we grow closer to the biggest Blizzard bash of the year. We’re excited to see you, whether it’s live in Anaheim or through the camera via Virtual Ticket. Get ready for BlizzCon!
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    Diablo 3 BlizzCon Virtual Ticket Reward

    Diablo 3 players with the BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket were surprised today by the "Blizzconquest MMXVIII" achievement when they logged into the game. This achievement rewarded players with the Az-Lo pet, a miniature version of Azmodan. Without an official announcement, we are unsure if these will be the only Diablo related Virtual Ticket rewards. You can check out Az-Lo in the screenshots below, and let us know your thoughts in the Comments!


    UPDATE: The official reveal video is now out, and you can watch it below.



    Blizzconquest MMXVIII

     BlizzCon 2018 achievement


    Az-Lo BlizzCon 2018 Pet


    Az-Lo too short to dunk


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    Challenge Rift - Week 70

    Challenge Rift Week 70 is live! If you are curious how Challenge Rift builds are chosen each week, you can view this official blog post!



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    Diablo At BlizzCon 2018

    Blizzard has released a Blog detailing some of the Diablo news (or lack thereof) at BlizzCon 2018. The following section seems to indicate that Diablo 4 is indeed being worked on, but they aren't ready to announce it just yet:


    "We know what many of you are hoping for and we can only say that 'good things come to those who wait,' but evil things often take longer. We appreciate your patience as our teams work tirelessly to create nightmarish experiences worthy of the Lord of Terror."


    What are your thoughts on this news, and what Diablo news do you think will be announced at this years BlizzCon? Let us know in the Comments!


    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)


    BlizzCon 2018 is almost here and we’ve seen a lot of rumors flying around about our plans for Diablo at the show. These are very exciting times—we currently have multiple teams working on different Diablo projects and we can’t wait to tell you all about them . . . when the time is right.


    We know what many of you are hoping for and we can only say that “good things come to those who wait,” but evil things often take longer. We appreciate your patience as our teams work tirelessly to create nightmarish experiences worthy of the Lord of Terror.


    While we won’t be ready to announce all of our projects, we do intend to share some Diablo-related news with you at the show.


    November 2 will be an especially diabolical date—not only is it the first day of BlizzCon, it’s also when Diablo III arrives on the Nintendo Switch. If you’re planning to pick up the game (the digital download will be available starting at midnight on launch day) and are joining us in Anaheim, be sure to bring your console. We’d love to slay some demons with you on the show floor.


    Again, we want to thank you for your patience and support. We are eternally grateful to you and the millions of other Diablo fans around the world whose passion for this franchise inspires us and keeps our fires burning.


    We’ll see you in hell . . . and at BlizzCon!
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    BlizzCon Floor Map

    The floor map for BlizzCon 2018 has been revealed by Blizzard. The biggest change from previous years seems to be a re-oriented Mythic Stage setup in Hall D with a Diablo III Demo area and "Horadric Retreat" section. Curiously, there is also a large open unmarked area just to the left; however, it could just be there for accommodating the amount of foot traffic in and out of Hall D.



    Nintendo Switch Bundle

    A Diablo III: Eternal Collection bundle is coming to Gamestop on the second of November for $359.99. It features a custom Diablo III themed console, carrying case, and it comes with the Diablo III: Eternal Collection! You can order it here.


    The Legendary Hunt Begins

    Blizzard is hosting a Legendary Hunt across the internet and a few real-world locations! You can win copies of the game, real-life legendaries from Volpin Props, or even the Diablo III: Eternal Collection Nintendo Switch Bundle!


    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment(Official Post)


    Whether you’re a Diablo veteran or a complete newcomer, chances are you love treasure. To get you in shape for Diablo III Eternal Collection on the Nintendo Switch, we’re inviting you on a treasure hunt. Get ready to stretch those loot-chasing muscles and get your hands on some sweet (and very real) rewards!


    We’ve hidden items across the internet (as well as in a few real-world locations), and it’s up to you to find them. Don’t worry—we’ll be giving you some clues on where to look. Learn more below!



    In the coming days, we’ll be sharing some clues on our Twitter page. Once you decipher them, visit the corresponding location (online or in real life) to find an item or QR code. Click the link or scan the item you found, and you’ll be whisked away to your collections page, where you can track all the items you’ve collected so far.


    The items you find earn you entries into a prize drawing, where you could win all kinds of amazing treasures. The number of entries you get for each item you find varies on its quality, so keep an eye out for those Legendaries!



    Among the prizes up for grabs are copies of the Diablo III Eternal Collection Nintendo Switch Bundle, digital copies of the game, and various collectible goodies. You can also earn real life versions of some of the items you’ll find on the hunt! These are one-of-a-kind artifacts, brought to life by the crafting masters at Volpin Props.


    If the idea of having your very own real-life Legendary item sounds appealing, be sure to follow us on Twitter and be on the lookout for the first clues.



    Think you have what it takes to solve all the clues and hunt down these treasures? There’s only one way to find out, nephalem! Good luck on the hunt, and may the best adventurer win.


    For contest rules, see here.


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    Boon of the Horadrim Sweepstakes

    Blizzard is doing another seasonal sweepstakes and are giving away a Horadrim themed PlayStation 4 Pro & Xbox One X!


    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment(Official Post)


    Season 15 in Diablo III is going strong, with a Double Horadric Cache buff that lasts all season long!


    In addition to this helpful buff, we’re sweetening the deal for players by giving away Diablo III-themed gaming devices. Read on to learn how you can score one.



    Starting today, we’re giving away one PlayStation® 4 Pro and one Xbox One® X, each of which is themed around Kanai’s Cube, the powerful Horadric artifact! They’ll each be given away in separate Twitter posts; entering to win is as easy as retweeting the post featuring the device you’d like to own.



    For the official sweepstakes rules, click here. Good luck, and enjoy the rest of Season 15!


    Challenge Rift - Week 68

    Challenge Rift Week 68 is live! If you are curious how Challenge Rift builds are chosen each week, you can view this official blog post!






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    J. Allen Brack Is The New President Of Blizzard Entertainment

    A press release by Blizzard has announced that Mike Morhaime is no longer the President of Blizzard Entertainment; however, he will remain a strategic advisor to the company.


    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

    Activision Blizzard, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) today announced the appointment of Blizzard veteran and World of Warcraft® Executive Producer J. Allen Brack as the new president of Blizzard Entertainment succeeding Mike Morhaime, who will remain a strategic advisor to the company. The company also announced the appointments of Chief Development Officer Ray Gresko and Blizzard Founder Allen Adham to Blizzard’s executive leadership team.


    “J. has been with Blizzard for over 12 years leading the World of Warcraft team, and it takes vision, creativity and unwavering commitment to excellence to sustain a community of players the way J. has for over a decade,” said Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard. “J. is an inspiring leader. He has shown unwavering commitment to our community, to innovation and creative excellence and he cares deeply about ensuring the very best of Blizzard culture will be protected.”


    “I am also excited to have Allen Adham, Blizzard’s founder, who rejoined the company two years ago and Ray Gresko, Blizzard’s Chief Development Officer, join Blizzard’s executive leadership team. I have known both Allen and Ray for more than 25 years and they are two of the most capable entrepreneurs in the game industry. They will help make certain that inspiration and creativity remains the focus of Blizzard,” said Kotick.


    “I am incredibly honored and humbled to serve as Blizzard’s next president, and to lead one of the best entertainment companies in the world, thanks to the passion and dedication of our player community and employees,” said J. Allen Brack, president, Blizzard Entertainment. “Blizzard was founded on the promise of making great games, and I plan to continue this fierce commitment to quality, our community, and our purpose. I couldn’t be more excited about what’s next given the strength of our pipeline.”


    “Thanks to Mike Morhaime’s wonderful stewardship and masterful job of building a truly extraordinary team, epic games and a global community of beloved players, Blizzard is one of the very best game companies in the world,” Kotick added.


    “I want to thank all of the talented and hardworking people at Blizzard for their dedication, creativity and passion. It has been a privilege to lead this team. I’m also very grateful to Blizzard‘s player community for their support,” said Mike Morhaime.


    About J. Allen Brack

    J. Allen Brack is a seasoned game industry veteran bringing nearly 24 years’ experience to this new role. As president of Blizzard Entertainment, Brack is dedicated to maintaining the high standard of quality that has propelled Blizzard to become an internationally recognized leader in interactive entertainment. Most recently, Brack served as executive producer and senior vice president for World of Warcraft, the #1 subscription-based MMORPG in the world. Throughout his twelve years at Blizzard, World of Warcraft has captivated millions of players worldwide and received a steady stream of high-quality content updates, including multiple expansions that rank among the fastest-selling PC games of all time. Prior to joining Blizzard, Brack held multiple roles at Origin Systems, Inc., working on the Wing Commander franchise, and then at Sony Online Entertainment LLC working on Star Wars Galaxies.


    About Ray Gresko

    As chief development officer, Ray Gresko will oversee ongoing product development efforts across Blizzard’s iconic franchises, to ensure that the company delivers a consistent high-quality experience across its games. Gresko, a 26-year industry veteran, most recently held the role of executive producer for Overwatch, leading the development team through the creation of a brand-new Blizzard franchise and helping launch the game to critical acclaim. Gresko joined Blizzard in 2008 as production director on Diablo III. Previously, Gresko worked on multiple highly regarded LucasArts titles, co-founded and managed Nihilistic Software, and was director of production and studio design director for Stormfront Studios.


    About Allen Adham

    As executive producer, senior vice president, and founder of Blizzard Entertainment, Allen Adham is responsible for supporting some of the company’s initiatives around new product incubation. In this role, he serves on Blizzard’s executive team and helps shepherd the company’s vision for the future while setting goals and strategies that support Blizzard’s dedication to creating the most epic entertainment experiences ever. In February 1991, Allen co-founded Blizzard Entertainment with Mike Morhaime and Frank Pearce, serving as the company’s first president and later chairman. He provided executive leadership on the company’s first games, helping to build the industry-leading Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo entertainment universes. This included overseeing the creation of World of Warcraft and serving as the game’s lead designer from inception through its first five years of development.


    A Message From Mike Morhaim:


    Originally Posted by Ythisens(Official Post)

    Dear Members of the Blizzard Community,


    When Blizzard’s founder Allen Adham first invited me to join him in creating Silicon & Synapse (our original name), nothing could have prepared me for the amazing adventure that we would share for the next 27 years. Our original mission and values consisted of four simple words that formed our foundation: “We make great games.” We crafted that statement before we had even released our first game, but we were committed to living up to it.


    After many years of working with some of the industry’s most talented people to create games and worlds for you to play in, I’ve decided it’s time for someone else to lead Blizzard Entertainment. I will now serve as an advisor to the company I so love and admire. My duties as president of Blizzard will be assumed by my friend, colleague, trusted advisor, and longtime steward of World of Warcraft, J. Allen Brack.


    J. is an inspiring leader who has shown unwavering commitment to Blizzard’s community in his 12 years with the company. His leadership on World of Warcraft leveraged his vision, creativity, and commitment to quality, and together with the rest of the dev team helped deliver an experience that is unprecedented in our industry. I couldn’t be happier for J. and know that Blizzard will continue to make great games with him at the helm.


    I am grateful to all of the hardworking and talented people at Blizzard for their dedication and creativity. Their belief in our mission and care for our players has helped Blizzard reach greater heights than I ever could have imagined.


    I am also grateful to all of you in the community. We have been through so much together. Not only have you been with me through many of the greatest moments and biggest triumphs of my life, but you have also been there through some of the most difficult. I am fortunate to have been able to meet many of you in person, while the many messages, emails, Tweets, Reddit discussions, and forum posts have provided an unbelievable connection as well. Even Twitch chat. It has always brought me joy, comfort, and inspiration to see the beacons of brilliance, voices of reason, and the passion that exists and evolves every day in all of our communities.


    When we started Blizzard we just wanted to make great games. What we realized is that the games we create are really just a framework for communities and human interaction. When we look back, what we often find that’s most lasting and meaningful from our experiences in games are the relationships we create and foster. You have given me the inspiration and drive to pour my heart and life into what I do. I literally couldn’t have done any of it without you. We have created these worlds, but you have given them life, through your passion, fan art, cosplay, videos, and in so many other ways.


    I truly believe that this amazing community has the potential to be a shining light to the rest of the industry by setting a positive example of inclusivity, tolerance, and acceptance toward others. In the words of one of Blizzard’s core values: remember to always play nice; play fair. I know this community is capable of changing the world.


    It has been an honor to serve this community for over 27 years, and I thank you for your many years of support. I look forward to being a member of the community alongside you. See you on Battle.net!


    Your fellow Blizzard gamer,

    Mike Morhaime


    A Message From J. Allen Brack:


    Originally Posted by Ythisens (Official Post)

    Blizzard community,


    Today has been a swirl of emotions. First, I feel a deep sense of gratitude to Mike. His work on some of our industry’s most iconic games is the reason I came to Blizzard. Not only is he an inspiring leader, but he’s also been a wise and patient mentor to me during my time at Blizzard. And he’s been a good friend. Joining the World of Warcraft team and my favorite game company nearly 13 years ago was an unimaginable dream. Now, to be chosen to lead Blizzard into the future is both a huge honor, and a tremendous responsibility.


    To do that, I’ll have the help of dedicated and talented Blizzard employees around the world who all share the same mission we have always pursued—to connect and engage the world through the most epic entertainment experiences, ever. Each of us is influenced by Blizzard’s values and a player-first mindset, which serve as the foundation of our company. With these beliefs at the core of everything we do, we’ve been able to deliver great games across different genres and platforms. And there is more to come—we’re working on more games now than at any point in Blizzard’s history.


    As I transition from leading a development team to the entire company, I’ll also have the support of our team of experienced leaders at Blizzard. I’m pleased to announce two additions to our executive leadership team who will be instrumental as we move forward. Ray Gresko, a 10-year veteran of Blizzard who helped create both Overwatch and Diablo III, is now our chief development officer. Allen Adham, Blizzard’s original founder and lead designer of World of Warcraft, will join the executive team while continuing to oversee development of several new games. The knowledge and experience that Ray and Allen bring, in addition to the talent already on the leadership team, will be indispensable in helping move Blizzard into the future.


    One thing that won’t change going forward—our deeply held commitments that are core to who we are as a company: to gameplay first, to quality in everything we do, and to listening to and partnering with our community. BlizzCon, the IRL representation of our connection with the community, is just a month away and it’s a time of the year that Blizzard employees look forward to the most. And as usual, we have a few surprises.


    I want to close by thanking Mike for 27 years of amazing work: I am looking forward to your wisdom and guidance in your new role. And thank you for everything you’ve done to help create the company and the games we love.


    J. Allen Brack
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    BlizzCon 2018 Schedule Released

    The schedule for BlizzCon has been released, and we've all been anxiously awaiting what kind of news Diablo would have after it was recently revealed that multiple projects were in the works. The schedule reveals some very interesting information to anyone looking forward to Diablo news this year! After the opening ceremony, there is a "What's Next?" panel for Diablo. This panel will be on the Main Stage, which is an indication of a big announcement.



    On Saturday night, there is also a Diablo Q&A panel on the Main Stage. Could this be a Q&A centered around a new announcement?



    What do you expect to see at BlizzCon regarding Diablo? Let us know in the Comments!



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    Season 15 Community Spotlight

    There are countless amazing content creators contributing to the Diablo community for Season 15, and the excitement for BlizzCon 2018 is palpable! We've spotlighted a handful of their creations for your enjoyment below!






    Challenge Rift - Week 67

    Challenge Rift Week 67 is live! If you are curious how Challenge Rift builds are chosen each week, you can view this official blog post!





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  • published the article Challenge Rift - Week 66

    Challenge Rift - Week 66

    Challenge Rift Week 66 is live! If you are curious how Challenge Rift builds are chosen each week, you can view this official blog post!




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    Season 15:

    Season 15's theme is Boon of the Horadrim! This Season, all Horadric Caches earned from bounties will be doubled. This means that each time you complete a full set of five bounties in an Act, you will receive not one, but two Horadric Caches, for twice the bounty rewards! Below, we've posted some of the top builds on DiabloFans for each class last season, and information on the Level With a Cause charity event! Also, if you want to try something new this season, we suggest looking into the Solo Self-Found League!

    Season 15 begins on Friday, September 21 at 5:00 p.m. PDT in North America, 5:00 p.m. CEST in Europe, and 5:00 p.m. KST in Asia.






    Season 15


    Diablo Netflix Series Confirmation:

    Andy Cosby, screenwriter for the new Hellboy, has taken to twitter to confirm that he is in final talks to write and show-run a new Diablo Animated series on Netflix! News surrounding Diablo has been heating up as of late, including a rumor that Diablo III will be a free PlayStation Plus for October! Do you think this means big news for BlizzCon? Let us know in the Comments!


    UPDATE: This tweet has now been deleted.

    Level With a Cause:

    #LevelWithACause (#LWAC), a coalition of streamers from both Twitch and Youtube, will be uniting once again for a 5th charity fundraising event during the first three days of Season 15 in Diablo 3. These streams will be viewable on several Twitch and Youtube channels. Viewers will be asked to donate to Save the Children during these live-streams.


    #LWAC was founded prior to the start of Season 11 of Diablo 3. This group of streamers ran a similar charity event during the opening weekends of the last four Diablo 3 season openers, raising over $35,000 for charity. Those previous events supported St. Jude's, Take This, and Save The Children respectively. During the last event in Season 14, the LWAC team was able to raise over $11,400 for St Jude's Children Research Hospital. This was, to date, the initiative's biggest event. LWAC hopes to continue to grow and raise even more money for deserving charities in the future.


    In the U.S. and around the world, Save The Children gives children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn, and protection from harm. When crisis strikes, they are always among the first to respond and the last to leave. They do whatever it takes to save children, transforming their lives and the future we share.


    Update: #LWAC has now ended for Season 15!


    Season 15 on Nintendo Switch:

    With the Diablo 3: Eternal Collection releasing for Nintendo Switch on November 2nd, it was recently confirmed that Nintendo Switch players will be able to participate in Season 15! The Eternal Collection comes with the base version of Diablo 3, the Reaper of Souls Expansion Pack, and the Rise of the Necromancer pack! Do you plan on picking up the game for Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the Comments!



    Challenge Rift - Week 65

    We suggest that you do not finish Challenge Rift 64 until Season 15 begins in your region. Waiting will allow you to open the Challenge Rift Cache on your seasonal character, giving you a boost to gold, crafting materials, and Blood Shards! If you are curious how Challenge Rift builds are chosen each week, you can view this official blog post!




    Popular Builds from Season 14:

    These are some of the top builds for each class during season 14! This is not a conclusive list, but instead one that provides some variety for several class builds that were popular on DiabloFans during the previous season.



    Season 10 Barbarian Changes





    Season 10 Barbarian Changes





    Season 10 Barbarian Changes



















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