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    I have a great story how I've got TOP items in a few drops. You know best things arriving usually spontaneously and unexpected... Exactly so happened that day.
    For a long time I wanted a new cool item especially when see anybody with such rags as Dragon Lore, Medusa, Crimson Web or another one cool skin... I used to open cases many times in different shops but drops where not so good as I was hoping...
    So that day in steam I saw ads of this web site with different cases, crossed it and decided to open some cases... I filled deposit with $93 and opened several cases and now I have Souvenir Dual Berettas Stained that I wanted for a long time and AWP BOOM Minimal Wear...
    Great start!
    After that I've opened several cases but haven't got any good rags. But THEN happened this miracle when I opened next case.
    At the first attempt dropped AWP BOOM Minimal Wear that costs about $25 and then OMG! AT ONCE M4A1-S Knight Factory New! Just imagine it: TWO cool skins in TWO drop. AWP BOOM I decided to keep and the Knight after playing it for couple of days I have sold on Steam for about $300. After that I have made none a spin not to flush the fortune and still have money on the balance. This was my story and I'd be glad to change, convert into cash or gain some rags with somebody...

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