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    Two more suggestions (not going to edit the OP because the formatting gets messed up everytime I edit):

    • Remove the buff scrolls, they make the game hard to balance and really don't add much to the game
    • Change the way yellow items are named, so by name alone, their type can be recognized
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    Quote from Maffia

    Is the +90 xp/kill affected by all the other scaling? If so it's not a problem as it is surely?

    I'm not sure, but a percent value is much easier to conceptualize. Also, since they are doubling the base exp gains from kills in the next patch, this property will mean even less (unless they double that too).

    Edit: I believe you're right actually with the mf. Difficulty providing mf is enough, good point.

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    • Fix Split Farming by:Requiring all players to be in the same zone when the bounty is completed to gain rewards
    • Revert mf back to its original effect, without the reduction for legs and such
    • Replace the "+110 exp per kill" with "+3% bonus exp" (numbers are examples)
    • Instead of 1 enchant per item, allow 1 primary and 1 secondary enchant per item
    • Allow the Mystic to add properties to white/blue items (up to rares' number of properties)
    • Add affixes like "6% Chance for Deadly Strike", "+2 yards to area of effect radius", "+15% to all Damage over Time", and "35% Increased Block Amount"
    • Make legs that refer specifically to one type of monster or boss (i.e. Butcher's Sickle, Lacuni Prowlers, etc.) to have a much higher chance of dropping off of that boss or monster type.
    • Make the ranges of the rolls of affix values smaller as the difficulty increases (i.e. 220-300 str @ Normal, 252-300 str @ T1, 292-300 @ T6)
    • Increase chance of getting a set item if already wearing a piece of said set
    • Make rifts grant 100% bonus exp after killing the Rift Guardian
    • Make tiered rifts (not complicated like everyone else is saying, just this:) tier 1 rifts are like now, tier 2 rifts are combined by using 3 tier 1 rifts at Mystic and have 25% bonus gold, exp, mf, and currency rewards,tier 3 rifts are combined by using 3 tier 2 rifts at Mystic and have 50% bonusgold, exp, mf, and currency rewards
    • Change reward structure in regards to difficulty by:Re-scaling the bonus exp, gold, mf, and currency rewards to be directly proportional to the increased amount of monster hp and dmg
      • According to this chart (for the monster hp/dmg:http://i.imgur.com/OaA79kB.jpg), it should go (roughly):
          Normal: No bonuses
        • Hard: 50% bonus gold, exp, mf, and currency
        • Expert: 100%bonus gold, exp, mf, and currency
        • Master: 200% bonus gold, exp, mf, and currency, new recipes
        • T1: 500% bonus gold, exp, mf, and currency, new legs
        • T2: 800% bonus gold, exp, mf, and currency
        • T3: 1200% bonus gold, exp, mf, and currency
        • T4: 1700% bonus gold, exp, mf, and currenc
        • T5: 2500% bonus gold, exp, mf, and currency
        • T6: 4000% bonus gold, exp, mf, and currency

    P.S. The above scaling of rewards and difficulty are obviously not the best numbers but they give a rough idea of how the increased difficulty should directly affect the rewards. For example, expert is roughly 100% increased monster health and dmg, so the rewards should be 100% higher.

    Note: All of the suggestions above were made with the devs time in mind. I know adding/changing all of this would be extremely time consuming, but I wanted to limit the amount of additional art, sound, coding, etc. needed for these changes. That is why the rift suggestions are minimal compared to the enormous system changes suggested by others. I'm not hating, I'm just explaining my reasoning. (I love those giant system changes suggestions btw, they're so much fun to read and think abt)

    Edit: Added 2 suggestions

    Edit 2: Formatting

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    [p]1) If magic find is bad, and it feels like a mandatory/decision reducing stat, why do gold find, extra xp, and other pointless secondary stats exist? Should secondaries all just be removed?[/p] [p]2) Almost every "good" weapon looks like this:2000 dps, 600 str, 600 vit, socket, pointless secondaries[/p] [p]MAIN STATS ARE NOT INTERESTING. Blizz, make something cool. Crushing blow was nice. Cooldown reduction and resource reduction are pretty cool too. But having two interesting stats and main stats as the ONLY options is not ok. I was reading the D2 manual this week for fun, and under items it said that there were too many properties for them to be listed. That's the way it should be. Now that I've complained, I need to provide a suggestion to help instead of just put angry things in caps.[/p] [p]A compilation of things that are my ideas, other people's ideas, or things that already exist that I know of that I think would add positively to the items:[/p] -decrease main stats numbers, so that when comparing other, less effective stats, the efficiency is more or less equal[/p] -remove crit damage, make critical strikes just do double damage. Keep it under control[/p] -make items have higher chances to freeze/slow/convert/fear/etc. have higher values so that they become more viable (dont forget that synergies with stun and freeze and such also make them increases in damage sometimes)[/p] -remove secondaries and keep the useful ones (the cc things mentioned above, pickup radius, individual resists, and control impairing effects reduction) as primaries[/p] -make individual resists have much higher values (i.e. 350-500), and make items unable to have all res and individual res, you have to choose[/p] -add stats such as the following (maybe good, maybe not. The idea is moar properties=moar choices)[/p] *chance to ignite[/p] *more damage dealt to ignited enemies[/p] *increased duration (anything that lasts a certain amount of time before stopping)[/p] *chance for projectiles to pierce/ricochet/seek/bounce back and explode[/p] *chance to cast (any skill in the game from any class, ooohhh yeaaa)[/p] *equip a certain aura[/p] *increased area of effect range[/p] *increased projectile speed[/p] *chance to gain 10% move spd/atk spd/damage/crit chance/armor/resource regen/life regen/etc. for 3 seconds on hit/when struck/when attacking/etc.[/p] *chance for resource spender to be free[/p] *deal 10% of your current life as damage on hit[/p] *etc. you get the point. not sayin any of theseare stellar,but hey at least a fewmore would be a welcomed change[/p] P.S. number balance not thought out for more than 2 seconds ;)[/p] What do you guys think? Please post your ideas/suggestions I'm really curious about this![/p]
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    posted a message on ARPG Uniqueness

    Here's a link to an awesome game by indie developers:


    I'm not with the company, I just really want this project to work out so we can play. And I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum but honestly general forums get the most attention.

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    posted a message on Making Crafting Cooler

    Combination recipes drop from monsters. Example:

    Rare Lightning Skill Damage Bracers

    • 1 normal bracer of a certain type
    • 1 weapon with a base damage type of lightning
    • Yellow, blue, and white crafting mats
    • Gold, Blood Shards
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    posted a message on [Idea] Difficulty Reimagined with Item Diversity, Crafting, 2H Weapons, Paragon Rework

    Yea sorry, I edited the main post to fix that. You're right, that made no sense.

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    posted a message on [Idea] Difficulty Reimagined with Item Diversity, Crafting, 2H Weapons, Paragon Rework
    [header=3][b]Intro[/b][/header] [p]Difficulty is something variable according to the player's desire between risk and reward. Make the mobs harder, make them drop better loot. That's the idea. Here's the problem: The efficiency of farming Normal favors facerolling too-easy content for a higher amount of rewards. Here's my suggestions on how to make the following aspects enter/re-enter D3:[/p] [list]
    [*]Make difficulty rewarding in an interesting, not necessarily raw number way
    [*]Make items cooler in conjunction with difficulty, without forcing the higher difficulty as the only way to get great gear
    [*][size=14.3px]Make end-game a more variable and choice-based experience, allowing the player to choose specific activities to gain specific rewards[/size]
    [header=3][b]Difficulty[/b][/header] [p]Here's the plan: separate the difficulty into 3 settings. [i]Normal, Hard, Insane[/i]. Each difficulty gets harder, increasing the number of legendaries that drop, with different rewards.[/p] [p]Normal[/b][/p] [p][size=14.3px]1x HP multiplier, 1x Damage Multiplier[/size][/p] [size=14.3px][size=14.3px][object Object][/size][/size][size=14.3px]Items dropped in this difficulty can roll the following properties:[/size]

    [*][size=14.3px]Intelligence, Dexterity, Strength, Vitality[/size]
    [*][size=14.3px]Armor, All Resistance, Specific Resistance (higher rolls than now), Dodge Chance, Ranged/Melee Damage Reduction[/size]
    [*][size=14.3px]Critical Chance,[/size][size=14.3px]Critical Damage,[/size][size=14.3px]Deadly Strike Chance,[/size][size=14.3px]Attack Speed, Raw Damage[/size]
    [*][size=14.3px]X% Weapon Damage over 3 seconds on hit, X% of Damage dealt gained over 5 seconds[/size]


    [size=14.3px]2x HP multiplier, 1.75x Damage Multiplier[/size]
    [size=14.3px]Everything from Normal can also drop/roll[/size]
    [size=14.3px]Enemies move and attack 20% faster[/size]
    [size=14.3px]Items dropped in this difficulty can roll the following properties:[/size]

    [list]X (Element) skills deal Y% more damage[/list]
    [list]X% Chance to Cast Y (skill) on Z (condition [block, dodge, struck, attacking, hit, kill, etc.])[/list]
    [list]Resource Reduction, Cooldown Reduction, Max Resource, Resource Regen[/list]
    [list]Chance to Stun, Freeze, Charm, Slow, Chill, Root, Knockback[/list]
    [p][b]Insane:[/b][/p] [p][size=14.3px]3x HP multiplier, 2.5x Damage Multiplier[/size][/p] [p][size=14.3px]Everything from Hard and Normal can drop/roll[/size][/p] [p][size=14.3px]Enemies move and attack 50% faster[/size][/p] [p][size=14.3px]Certain enemies have resistances to a certain element, buffing aura for nearby allies[/size][/p] [p][size=14.3px]Elite crafting materials can drop[/size][/p] [p][size=14.3px]Items dropped in this difficulty can roll the following properties:[/size][/p]

    [list]X (skill) deals Y% more damage[/list]
    [list]X% Chance to Pierce, Ricochet, Boomerang on hit[/list]
    [list]X% Chance to Double Strike when attacking (cast same skill twice at same time)[/list]
    [list]X% Crushing Blow[/list]
    [p]*The above mentioned properties dis-include secondary properties since they are not the core of the issue.[/p] [header=3]Crafting[/header] [p]What are elite crafting materials? They are materials rarer than legendary crafting materials. To craft an elite item, several different elite crafting materials are required. Elite items differ from legendary items in that they are not necessarily "build changers". They are themed items that have more stats than 4 primaries/2 secondaries. For example:[/p] [p][u][size=14.3px][size=14.3px]Entrance to Heaven[/size][/size][/u] (2H Staff, 1.00 attacks per second)[/p] [list]500-1000 Lightning Damage[/list]
    [list]500-1000 Fire Damage[/list]
    [list]500-1000 Cold Damage[/list]
    [list]10% Chance to Cast Frozen Orb when Attacking[/list]
    [list]10% Chance to Cast Explosive Bolts when Struck[/list]
    [list]10% Chance to Cast Explosive Blast on Block[/list]
    [list][350-600] Intelligence[/list]
    [p]This Staff could require 200 blood shards, 1 000 000 gold, 100 veil crystals, 150 arcane dust, 200 common scraps, 1 Diablo's Horn, 1 Azmodan's Jaw, 1 Belial's Claw. The 3 last materials would obviously drop from the respective lords of hell at a very low drop chance only in Insane difficulty. Another example:[/p] [p][u][size=14.3px][size=14.3px]Death Doctor's Syringe[/size][/size][/u] (1H Ceremonial Dagger, 1.45 attacks per second)[/p] [list]1500-3000 Poison Damage[/list]
    [list]30% Weapon Damage over 3 seconds on hit[/list]
    [list]3% of Damage dealt gained over 5 seconds[/list]
    [list][300-560] Intelligence[/list]
    [list]8 Mana per Second[/list]
    [list]15% Chance to Charm on Hit[/list]
    [list]9% Ranged Damage reduction[/list]
    [p][i]Elite Crafting Materials Required[/i]: 1 Dalghur Dune Dervish Diaphragm, 1 Festering Woods Nest Heart, 1 Constructed Vessel Intestine[/p] [p]The opportunity to know exactly (self-explanatorily) where the elite crafting mat came from, and that finding the other materials (knowing how rare they are) would lead to one awesome staff is a cool balance between predictable outcome from a random reward, granted by using choice to find said reward. The player can't accidentally get this staff. They have to find the plan, and then the very rare mats from specific, self-explanatory locations/monsters.[/p] [p]What if making self-explanatory crafting materials gets really hard? Maybe adding an option to mark the location of all the monsters from whom the elite mats in that recipe can be found. In this instance, it would mark little crafting icons next to the waypoints for Azmodan, Diablo, and Belial on the World Map. Also don't forget to add a "clear crafting recipe markers" option on the map.[/p] [p]Overall this adds a longterm, awesome crafting system that ensures players can't just craft the best items in the game because they need to be capable of killing the act bosses on Insane difficulty first, a well, insane amount of times.[/p] [header=3][b]2H Weapons[/b][/header] [p]They suck, except for Crusaders. Period. How do we make them better? Give them[i]different[/i] stats than 1H weapons, not just bigger ones. Maybe:[/p] [list]crushing blow (rolled only on insane difficulty)[/list]
    [list]magic find (I know it's gone, but maybe just on 2H weapons)[/list]
    [list]bleed (now based off of raw weapon damage [unreliant on attack speed])[/list]
    [list]block chance[/list]
    [header=3]Paragon[/header] [p]It's cool. It offers customization. However, it's slow. It's really slow. Instead of making it only faster (an artificial solution really), why not expand its impact [i]while[/i] speeding it up a bit? Here's how I would do it by adding these stats:[/p] [list]Elemental damage increases[/list]
    [list]Health Globes Replenish X% Primary Resource[/list]
    [list]X% Chance to Double Strike when attacking (cast same skill twice at same time)[/list]
    [list]X% Chance to Stun, Freeze, Charm, Slow, Chill, Root, Knockback (separated of course)[/list]
    [list]X% of Damage dealt gained over 5 seconds[/list]
    [list]Deadly Strike Chance[/list]
    [p]These aren't necessarily fantastic, but they add more customization. Also, making the experience required per paragon level less exponential, and more flat could help the progression feel more tangible.[/p] [header=3]The Theme[/header] [p][size=14.3px]If you haven't noticed by now, the whole theme of my suggestions is different instead of more. It's not just higher difficulty=more/rarer items/experience/gold. It's higher difficulty=different rewards. This means that if you want exp, maybe farming Normal is more efficient. If you want sick-ass elite crafting mats, farming Insane is the way to go. If you need better gear for Insane to get the elite items you're dying for, farm Hard. Much like in D2, there are varying activities to be performed at different difficulty levels. Depending on what you're doing, the difficulty varies. Even having specific builds/gear for certain activities could be relevant.[/size][/p] [p][size=14.3px]Post your feedback, comments, ideas (for elite items too!), etc. Please note that any numbers and examples of items aren't exactly end-all, be-all solutions, just general ideas representing inferior versions of potentially awesome (elite) items.[/size][/p] [p][size=14.3px]P.S. I might try and add pictures for the eye-candy later, just getting my ideas out there.[/size][/p]
    List tags are malformed.
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    posted a message on Plans: Getting the same ones over and over. Reroll?

    Could there be an option to combine two or three plans together of the same rarity and a currency cost, which will reroll into another plan that is not one that you combined?

    Plan A + Plan B + Plan C + X Blood Shards + Y Gold = New Plan (of same rarity)

    A pretty easy thing to implement that will make plans better, at least by a little.

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    posted a message on Share Loot Co-op (PC)

    I think it would be cool if you saw the legendary drops that your friends got, maybe not the other items since that would get pretty cluttered eventually. A la 30 horadric caches.

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    posted a message on ROS progress

    The adventure mode is unlocked by act. So if you beat act 1 on any char (even in the past), then you can do adventure mode act 1. To do adventure mode at 5, you must have completed act 5 at least once on campaign mode first. This can happen on any character and then it unlocks adventure mode for that act forever on your account (unless there's a beta wipe).

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    posted a message on Auto-Cast Primary Ability not in PTR?
    Many streamers have noted that in the ros beta, when they run out of primary resource, their primary spell autocasts (i.e. meteor will do electrocute or magic missile if not enough AP).

    This doesn't seem to be the case in the PTR for non-ros. Is that a mistake or is that a ros only feature?
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    posted a message on [Suggestions] Using already existing game assets to create a better game/end-game
    There is one big limiting factor on what/how much the devs can create: time (as a resource). Something that helps reduce time consumed to develop things for the game is using art, sound, AI, etc. that already exists in the game. Here are some things they could do with the already existing game assets to improve the game:

    Rift Race: Play the same instance of a Nephalem Rift at the same time as your opponent(s), but you only see him/her/them as ghost(s). You can do 1v1, 1v2, 1v3, or 2v2. The winner receives a race score (for each combination of number of players) that is on their profile, as well as blood shards or other currencies.Sidenote: The solo vs. group games would be balanced by increasing monster hp for the group accordingly.[/i]
    Horde Rift: Enter a several leveled dungeon where each level is one room. An increasing number of waves of increasing size (according to dungeon level) occur in each level. At the end of each level (after several waves), an increasingly difficult (according to dungeon level) boss spawns. Play solo or with friends and receive another score for best time on your profile (best group, best solo).
    Commander Rift: Enter an instance where each player starts in opposite corners. Each player starts with 100 death souls. This currency can only be used in this mini-game, cannot keep after leaving. There are 3 pillars for each player in each corner:
          • General Pillar: Summon a large minion with a respectively large health pool and damage. Has slow attack speed. Costs 50 death souls.
          • Lieutenant Pillar: Summon a medium minion with a respectively medium health pool and damage. Has average attack speed. Costs 25 death souls.
          • Private Pillar: Summon a small minion with a respectively small health pool and damage. Has fast attack speed. Costs 10 death souls.
          • The players do not fight each other, they fight the minions summoned by (and at) the pillars. The other players are ghosts in this mode, only visible (not interactable).
          • Killing minions grants death souls (5 for a private, 12 for a lieutenant, 25 for a general).
          • The player and minions can attack opposing pillars, which have heath pools. Once dead, the pillar no longer summons anything. Once all 3 pillars are dead, that player loses and is eliminated. If eliminated, you can ether spectate as a ghost or leave and collect your currency reward (blood shards, whatever). Placing higher in terms of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th (depending on the number of players competing) determines your currency reward.
          • You will get a score on your profile for this, too.
          • Picture Time:

    All of the above game-modes/mini-games are special rift keystones that need to be found or rewarded in the world. Obviously opening a portal with your keystone opens a portal for the whole game (all of the players). When one is joined, other players will be given a request if they want to join to, regardless of where they are, much like act boss encounters.

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    posted a message on [Suggestion] X% Increased Duration
    I agree. I also think these could be good too:

    • X% Increased Elemental Effect
    • X% Increased Projectile Speed
    • +1 yard to damage radius (could replace splash damage chance, would work on single target too [i.e. give 1 radius AOE to magic missile and all that])
    • Gain X% Increased Damage after Blocking (or any other buff really)
    • X% Chance to Deadly Strike (back from d2, why not. sometimes better than CC+CD, sometimes not, depending on character/stat choices)
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    posted a message on [Suggestion] X% Increased Duration
    This stat on items could compete pretty well with IAS and CC in my opinion. It would affect skills that last a certain duration (i.e. WotB, Archon, Laws, Mantras, Buffs, Etc.)
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