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    Actually you're wrong, it should be able to live peacefully on the horizon along with PvE, and it has in the past in diablo 2.
    Whats the problem then? there weren't any official rankings and ladders for it in Diablo 2 neither.

    This is what gets me (and perhaps I made my own thread on this issue too quickly :S ). There is no precedent at all for that level of organized or incentivized pvp in the Diablo series. Putting in those things just sounds like square peg into round hole of the n'th degree. Not only is it unequivocally a balancing nightmare to openly support that level of pvp (just take a gander at, if not WoW, any mmorpg or rpg game out there that promotes itself as having a serious pvp aspect), but it's not at all part of the genre.

    PvP in oldschool diablo was a little amusing past-time that some people ply'd at more than others. Duel games were for having a little fun, talking smack, maybe wagering some gold (or stealing piles of it), but never to establish one's self as being a pre-eminent pvp player. People with that mindset hated the diablo series (at least the ones I knew) and had a lot more fun with other titles.

    I would definitely not say "keep pvp out of the game," but diablo's very minimally developed pvp was part of the experience. You didn't come for the pvp, but if you did enjoy it, you had another little thing to toy with between mf runs, leveling, or other pvm activities.
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    All these new ideas sound great, but I wish they found some way to implement A guild interface. I love the community that comes around playing with a guild. There would always be a leveling party, people to talk to while grinding. Idk just feels like its missing this aspect. IDC if older diablos didn't have it. I am looking for this game to progress and I LOVE blizzard for trying new things.

    I don't know if it's my experience in other guild-cetric games putting me off it, or my nostalgic love of Diablo/2, but I just cannot envision guild systems that mesh with Diablo. That's simply a level of organization above what's necssary to enjoy the game. Bnet tools allow you to have a laundry list of friends if you wish, you can have your own private channel too. To say that adding guild pariphienlia is a waste might be going too far, but i'd certainly rather have blizzard focused on the content at hand rather than trying to push in guild things just because every rpg has something similar.
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    Quote from HEET1330

    I got two accounts with EVE . Great game

    No really, it's not. :P

    But yeah, this is my time-killer aswell. I've played on and off since 2005 anyway and unfortunately it seems to be the only title that will stick to my (admittedly slim) gaming schedule at the moment. My old corpmates are begging me to join them in World of Tanks instead. =/

    To be quite honest I don't even log on that much these days. My EVE activity is usually: log on, que up a skill if necessary, talk with corpies, check market orders, hit the forums, log off.
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