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    Haha I've been gone for a bit it seems. Didn't expect a total site revamp.
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    Finally figured out how to do action shots, I think this one turned out well (even though I sacrificed a fourth of my health potion supply for it [was worth it])

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    posted a message on Followers.. Why was the aspect brought into the game?
    I dunno I kind of liked having a dude fight with me back in D2, it brought a whole new level of bro-time in the game.

    Not only that but now D3 followers are more viable and have a decent/interesting backstory I guarantee I will have alot of fun killing demons with my bro-follower.
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    posted a message on D3 Wizard Pony
    So being addicted to the new show MLP FiM I've been drawing ponies (don't judge me). Doesn't mean I forgot about Diablo 3 however, so what's the best way to manage the two interests? Merge them together of course. I present to you the Diablo 3 Wizard in Pony form!

    Yes, it's not that great, but I would like any critiques on how to improve (preferably pony wise)
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    posted a message on FORUM CHALLENGE - My Immortal by Tara Gilesbie
    Warning: Mature Content in the FORUM CHALLENGE link, viewer discretion is advised.

    Now I've decided to do a FORUM CHALLENGE here on diablofans.com. This challenge will be based on the infamous My Immortal by Tara Gilesbie. What is My Immortal you ask? My Immortal is basically the horrendous fan fiction ever created on the internet based on the J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter universe.

    The purpose of bringing this challenge here? Nothing really, I just thought it would be fun. Back 1-2 years ago when this was created/released I attempted to read it through but couldn't because it had so much fail in it, a complete butchery of the English language and the art of fan fiction in general. So, in addition of bringing this challenge here I will also attempt to reread this piece of 'literary work'.

    And who knows? For any aspiring writers out there (like me) this might give you insight on what not to do when writing.

    Anyways let's get to the FORUM CHALLENGE

    The challenge is to basically read the whole fan fiction (Chapters 1 - 44) entirely, the cost? If you succeed you win Internet Pride if you fail you are rewarded with a hit to your Internet Self-Esteem.

    So, as of right now, let the FORUM CHALLENGE begin!

    Can you handle the Fail? (<--- BTW that's the link to the fan fiction)

    -Anathemic One
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    posted a message on Religion Vs. Science
    Quote from LinkX

    Quote from AnathemicOne
    As for religion halting scientific pursuit, well I'll bring Christianity into this. It is true that this religion and its followers have done grievances in the past, but that's over. If you pay attention to current events the Vatican is actually in league with scientific pursuit, allowing to have an open mind with them.

    Alright, give some proof. What has the Vatican done to push forward science and knowledge? If I remember correctly, It was the Catholics who were the most upset about the Large Hadron Collider, and about CERN in general. Granted, it was the Vatican that stated the Earth was flat, the Sun revolves around the Earth, and in fact the entire world revolves around the Earth, which science later disproved. So, if you have something the Vatican has done to help Science instead of Hindering it, please, I want to know.

    Quote from AnathemicOne
    Yes it is true that some people follow Christianity fanatically, but like all religions it is subject to change and evolution, the problem we are facing is the transition to change (look at the response we had for health-care in America) and not only that but anti-religious folk attack Christianity for past wrongs, which is like someone attacking modern Britain for unreasonable taxes on the original 13 colonies.

    Well, I do agree. If Christian X and Christian Y did not perpetrate the crimes of Christian Z, then Christian X and Christian Y should not be held accountable. However, if it is in the holy book, the religion should be held accountable.(Not saying the people, but the religion.) Thus, if you take beating disobedient children, promoting slavery, stoning those of other faiths as well as those who are homosexual, then yes, it should be held accountable for those beliefs. Just because current day Christians don't follow the Bible (Which is a good thing) doesn't mean the Bible is not bad.

    Quote from Umpa65
    It doesn't matter what I THINK because you clearly already KNOW the truth. Which is quite remarkable.

    It's not a matter of knowing or not knowing the truth. It's about putting a bandage over the gaps in the knowledge and pretending like it's the truth. You can believe whatever you want, but don't stop science because of a belief in ghosts.

    One last thing, to nobody imparticular, I want to say that I am glad that there are people that actually understand what the word Discriminate means. When people use it wrong, like it was used in this thread, it isn't just an insult to me, but also an insult to people who actually work hard every day to be a discriminating douche bag.

    Okay here you go, take note that nowhere in that address is there a bash of scientific pursuit.

    As for the use of discriminatory, I've fairly sure I'm correct on its usage


       /dɪˈskrɪmənəˌtɔri, -ˌtoʊri/ Show Spelled[dih-skrim-uh-nuh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee]
    1. characterized by or showing prejudicial treatment, esp. as an indication of racial, religious, or sexual bias: discriminatory practices in housing; a discriminatory tax.

    -quoted from Dictionary.com


    By saying said quote

    Quote from LinkX

    Certain religions can coexist with science, but certain religions cannot. As per your request, I cannot say what religions can and what religions cannot, because, well, I don't know why we are not allowed.

    I see a prejudicial treatment on said religions that can't coexist with science, there's not even an "I think" in there, no it's thrown out as cold hard fact.

    But now one is probably (maybe you) going to scorn me for the term 'prejudicial' but I've come prepared for that too.


       /ˌprɛdʒəˈdɪʃəl/ Show Spelled[prej-uh-dish-uhl]
    causing prejudice or disadvantage; detrimental.

    -quoted from Dictionary.com


    Clearly the original quote from you speaks disadvantage how? Because it's stated that certain religions cannot coexist with science, which clearly emphasizes the underhandedness that you proposed on said certain religions.

    Now normally, I don't bother to bring in definitions from outside sources into an argument, but trying to destabilize my credibility based on the mediocre attack on my word usage, is a bit silly, don't you think?
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    posted a message on Favorite Book/Book Series
    @ Magistrate

    It is true that the film trilogy is different in its own respect to the book(s) but personally I feel the film trilogy succeeds in what the book(s) can never achieve: Music. Howard Shore is just genius.

    @ ScyberDragon

    No offense taken, I too don't have the luxury of reading and most books I've read (aside from Lord of the Rings) are less than 20, most of them consisting of the Warcraft franchise.
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    posted a message on Wizard be male or female
    I'm a male and I'll be playing a female character :sorcerer:
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    posted a message on Religion Vs. Science
    Just read through this thread, I love how easily it was changed from
    debate>heated argument>porn>more porn>polygamy>debate again
    XD, well I'll put my view on here in response to the OP.

    I was Baptized/Raised/Confirmed Catholic but I always beleive myself a Deist with a bit of Pantheism involved. I do believe in a Grand Architect of the Universe or 'God', however as with the Deist ideology I do not believe in holy books/scriptures/passages/writings, those are done by humanity's need of order.

    Now for my actually belief in Deism, I beleive that there is a 'God' but this 'God' will not intervene with mortal affairs and I see for him/her/it no reason to do so. 'God' wanted creation, he/she/it created universe, be it the Big Bang, 7 days, or a large bathroom break, everything as we know it was made.

    Now putting Pantheism into the picture, I also believe that 'God' created the universe but also is the universe, or at least controls every aspect of it. Why do atoms attract in the first place, why does matter exist, why does space/time exist, because it was set in place by who? The Grand Architect, or 'God'.

    The thing I love about Deism, that it allows Religion and Rational thinking coexist with one another. It fulfills spiritual need and at the same time allows rational thinking of math/science/logic/etc.
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