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    Some kind of hammer throwing class would be my guess
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    Obviously NONE of you have ever heard of or played this game called "I Wanna Be The Guy"

    It is a free download on PC and it was made by a guy who wanted to make a game that reminisced of the old nintendo games that were very very hard. Well, I've played those games and I've played (not beaten) this game and I will say that it is by far the hardest game out there.

    Heres a link if you wanna play, there is also a lot of gameplay video on youtube

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    wow...funny topic haha

    umm well as far as a cast goes id have to put

    Jessica Alba for the Sorc
    The Rock for the Barb
    Benecio Del Toro for the Necro
    Patrick Stewart As Deckard
    Charlie Murphy for the Pally
    Jason Statham for the Druid
    Kiera Knightly for the Assassin
    and last but not least...Miley Cyrus for the Amazon :)

    yeah so i rushed the last part, bioshock 2 is installing :P
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    fuck it

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