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    I liked the interview. It showed that he is just a normal player like the rest of us. Much more appealing than some person who thinks they owned the game and exploited all of its fault and thinks its "too easy".

    He just leveled enjoying the game.
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    First, I want to start off by saying that this build is by no way suppose to be a "beat Inferno" build. This build is meant to be a little off course and a fun change to the typical WD builds. While I have tested it in Inferno, it is by no means the strongest build to clear the difficulty. However, it should be more than capable of taking on Normal and Nightmare and with the right tactics Hell.

    When the Witch Doctor was first announced, all I thought about was pets and poison. The Diseased Zoo Keeper focuses on just that; poisoned animals to do your killing. With the use of five animal skills and plenty of poison imbuement, the character definitely lives up to his name.

    The main design behind the skill choice is both to chose summons that do not need to be constantly spawned and to add poison damage where ever possible.

    DiabloWiki.com - Corpse Spiders Corpse Spiders (Spider Queen) - Corpse Spiders is normally a spammable attack but with the Spider Queen rune we get a skill that we can click once and let it do its thing plus we get added poison damage

    DiabloWiki.com - Firebats Firebats (Plague Bats) - Firebats becomes your only skill that needs to be actively used constantly. It will also be your main source of direct damage. The Plague Bats rune is used to add additional poison damage to the attack.

    DiabloWiki.com - Plague of Toads Plague of Toads (Toad of Hugeness) - Plague of Toads naturally has poison damage to it so we can use the Toad of Hugeness rune to change the skill from something spammable to a persistent source of damage. We also get the added benefit that the giant toad removes attackers from the battle temporarily.

    DiabloWiki.com - Locust Swarm Locust Swarm (Devouring Swarm) - Locust swarm also has the original benefit of poison damage so here is a chance for us to get some mana regen back that all Witch Doctors need with the Devouring Swarm rune.

    DiabloWiki.com - Summon Zombie Dogs Summon Zombie Dogs (Rabid Dogs) - What is a Summon WD without his Zombie Dogs. With the Rabid Dogs rune we get the additional poison damage we are looking for with this build.

    DiabloWiki.com - Sacrifice Sacrifice (Pride) - Used primarily for elites, Sacrifice can help get that extra umph of damage you may need. With the Pride rune, we get another chance to gain back some needed mana as well.


    DiabloWiki.com - Jungle Fortitude Jungle Fortitude - Helps you and your Zombie Dogs stay alive longer.

    DiabloWiki.com - Bad Medicine Bad Medicine - With Poison damage added to almost every attack we have, this will also help keep us alive for longer by reducing their damage.

    DiabloWiki.com - Zombie Handler Zombie Handler - Four Zombie Dogs are always better than three. Plus the 20% additional life will help them fight for longer.

    Since this build is primarily for fun, gear is not as important compared to most builds. The obvious INT and VIT will give your WD the boost in damage and life it will need. There are really no other attributes you need to focus on based upon this skill choice.

    Now the important part, how to play the character. As mentioned, the ideal behind the class is poison animals you can summon once and let them do their magic.

    You should always start with summoning your Zombie Dogs. Once entering any grouping, you then want to cast your other three summons; Corpse Spiders, Plague of Toads, and Locust Swarm. With these four summons out, they will attack anything in the area while you are left free to do other things.

    Once all summons are casted, you can use your Firebats to focus damage on any one/group of monsters that need the extra attention. When fighting elites, Sacrifice can also come in handy to drop some heavy damage quickly. I would suggest making sure your CD on Summon Zombie Dogs is up before using this, however.

    Pros and Cons
    Given that this build is just for fun there are definitely some weaknesses to the build but there are also some advantages. The biggest advantage is the use of consistent summons. You do not have to constantly be micromanaging them. Click once in any grouping and they should last throughout the fight. With the use of Jungle Fortitude and Bad Medicine, paired with the use of summons survivability is actually pretty good as well since you won't be taking much damage. Lastly, you only need to be lvl 36 to have all of the runes available so you can play through all of Nightmare with this complete build.

    The biggest disadvantage is a lack of direct damage. With only Firebats at your direct control, the spreading of damaging can be difficult. Poison deals a lot of damage but it is also over time so taking that into account takes some getting use to. The last problem, as with all WD, is resource management. Firebats is mana heavy so with little mana, there is not much you can do but sit back and watch your summons do everything.

    Game Play

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    posted a message on Jay Wilson on PvP and Legendaries, Inferno Booster Pack Giveaway, Guide for Crafting Chest Armor, and 1,000,000 Gold Witch Docto
    I really hope this new "loot technology" is cool new item properties that only legendaries can have. That would definitely make them wanted without having to make them best in DPS.
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    posted a message on Game is so short.. Why?
    Liar or not, diablo is a game based on the higher difficulties. No, there is no new game content but there certainly is new content as far as skills, runes, armor, gems, other items, more monster affixes, health, damage. Overall, normal is quick because it's easy. Move on to the harder difficulties where the real game begins.
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    posted a message on Jay Wilson: I think the fun is in playing the game, not working out how to play it.
    I think this is the confusion.

    In D2, you had to theorycraft in order to be successful. You could not beat it trough hell with a broken character.

    In D3, you don't have to theorycraft to beat it on hell. But that does not mean you can't to optimize a class or build. They just took away the necessity, not the ability.
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    posted a message on Beta Ending Tonight, Inferno Unbeaten, Blue Posts, Portrait Contest Closed, and Curse Roundup
    sorry, that 5 slipped in there. Just too excited for release day. May 1 is when beta is ending, as in 6.5 hrs from now.
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    posted a message on Win a Diablo III Collector's Edition - Charity Raffle
    Congratulations to Lukasz Kacznski and Pedro Pedrosa


    *DiabloFans is not affiliated with this contest and is being held solely by my brother and myself.

    Update: We have surpassed our $250 donation mark. We have added a second copy of Diablo III Collector's Edition. This means that there will now be two winners.

    Hello DiabloFans, I would like to share with you an opportunity to enjoy the game you love and give back. My brother and I are generously offering up one Collector's Edition Diablo III as a prize for a charity raffle. All donations will go to Cambodian Children's Fund, an organization that helps children in Cambodia.

    How it Works
    Raffle tickets will be given for a $1 donation. Donations for the raffle will be sent via paypal. For every dollar you donate, you will be entered into the raffle for a chance to win the CE Diablo III. It's that simple.

    The Charity

    Cambodian Children's Fund
    Cambodian Children’s Fund is a charity that brings healthcare, education, shelter and healing to some 1,200 Cambodian children who are from some of the poorest communities in Cambodia. It was founded in 2004 by former film executive Scott Neeson. His vision for these children is simple yet powerful, through the chance given to a single child to have a clean safe place to sleep, to be well fed and cared for and to be exposed to education all while keeping the child within it’s own community still closely connected to his or her family a new path has been made for that child, one where they stay connected to their loved ones and their home, while carrying the tools to grow into people who could one day change the circumstances of their country.
    For more information please see: http://www.cambodian...d.org/index.php

    What you win
    The lucky winner will be drawn at random and receive a full box CE Diablo III. Contents include:
    • The full version of the Diablo III game on DVD-ROM.
    • Diablo Skull and 4GB USB Soulstone
    • Exclusive In-Game Content - Diablo III - Aesthetic Artifacts (Call forth glowing angel wings, unfurl an exclusive banner sigil, and dye your armor sets with the Bottled Cloud or Bottled Smoke items.), World of Warcraft - Fetish Shaman Pet, StarCraft II - Battle.net Portraits
    • Behind the Scenes Blu-Ray/DVD Set
    • The Art of Diablo III
    • Diablo III Soundtrack
    1. A raffle ticket will be given for each $1 donation.
    2. All donations will be given directly to Cambodian Children's Fund
    3. People are able to donate as much as they want.
    4. Donations must be sent to [email protected] through PayPal.
    5. Please send donations under the "gift" option.
    6. Everyone is able to participate as long as they can donate in U.S. dollars through their paypal account.
    7. If you do not have a paypal account, you can sign up for one here. *You must have a bank account to tie to the paypal account.
    8. The raffle will be open until 11:59 p.m. EST on May 15.
    9. The winner will be chosen at random after donations closes.
    10. Winners will be notified via the e-mail address linked to their paypal account.
    11. Winners will be expected to share a picture of their CE Diablo III to be posted in a recap post.
    12. If we receive over $250 in donations, a second copy of the CE Diablo III will be added.
    13. There will be a different winner for each D3 CE added.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in this thread.

    *DiabloFans is not affiliated with this contest and is being held solely by my brother and myself.
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    posted a message on Don't Forget
    Now, with the open beta this weekend, there has been a lot more voice and opinion on the game. Of course everyone is welcome to their own opinion. Some people love the game (myself included) while others have been disappointed.

    Now, there are a number of reasons one can be disappointed about.

    1. Hype and time - Even the best thing in the world may not seem so great after so much hype and time craving, dreaming, and wanting. For those of us who have been wanting this game since 2000, it has been a long time coming.

    2. Not what you were expecting - whether you agree or not, some people are just not getting the game they want. Some people want Diablo 2.5. A simple upgrade to the classic game we all grew to love.

    3. Too easy - Many have said that the game is just too easy. Between easy monsters, no real planning required, and no real decisions to be made.

    Now, what ever other reasons there are, some may not like the game. I just wanted to voice my own opinion on important thing.

    Don't forget that the beta only encompasses what is really 2% of the entire game. four difficulties, four acts. Of the first difficulty, in the first act, we have only played the first 25%.

    Many have voiced concern over how little build variety there is, how simple the game is, and how everything is handed to you.

    First, everything is handed to you in the beginning because you are essentially playing a tutorial. It has been said by Blizzard numerous times but some people still seem to forget that the beginning of a game is suppose to explain to you how to play. Where to put what and when. That way, later a player can figure out more on their own. Look at the progression page, around lvl 30 yo get about four new skills and/or runes per level that you have to test and figure out how it works within your build. Not to mention the dozens of other systems we have not gotten to try out yet.

    Second, the game is suppose to simple, once again, in the first 2% of the game. Again, we are talking about the beginning of normal. Go back and play D2 and see how tough it is. You could clear normal without spending a single stat or skill point. I know a lot of people want to stretch their Diablo muscles but it will truly have to wait until release when we can get into the harder difficulties.

    Lastly, is build variety. Many have voiced concern about how every character is the same and that every skill available to you destroys builds. Of course to some degree this is true. In D2, your stat and skill distribution defined your char. However, keep in mind, that D3 is designed with the idea that the stats and skills are not the driving force any more. I think the problem is that these systems in place to help diversify your character do not appear until later in the game. Which we do not get to see in the beta. Hell, we don't even get gems yet not to mention higher ranked gear and more skill runes. Play through the corrupted rogue in D2 and tell me how different every character is so far. Yet in the end of act V in hell, there was plenty of diversity even with cookie cutter builds.

    Again, everyone is entitled to their own opinion on the game. If you genuinely do not like it, that is your call. I just wanted to share some information for those who may have not been looking at the beta as only a mere fraction of the game we will get to play.
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    posted a message on I Miss When Videogames Were Just For "Nerds"
    How do I respond without being prejudice towards any group?

    I welcome anybody who enjoys playing games.

    Jerks exist anywhere and everywhere, the target group doesn't change that
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    posted a message on Beta Overachiever: 5 Tips for launch day & 5 Opinions
    1. Elective mode is not needed for at least the first 20 lvls. The game is setup with particular skill types. Ie you don't need plague of toads and poison dart since you can only spam one.

    2. The BS only makes the best gear in the beta because you can progress him farther than you can your own character. On e past 13, you will find better gear than he can craft.

    3. I will agree the dmg gear is the best but you know everyone will stack MF particularly in normal since massive dmg is not really needed. Better to go for the items while you can sacrifice the DPS

    4. Groups will be better. It more for killing speed than drops. Especially if playing in a PUG, most players won't be sharing loot. So the drops remain the same as SP. just more if you can kill quicker.

    5. Not sure if you're telling people not pick up the skill. I don't see why not, it's an awesome skill to add to your spam and power move. Add with dogs and that leaves you open to cast your two most powerful skills
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