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    Thanks for the advice guys. Just downed him on my first attempt since getting your help. Kited him around the room starting in a corner and just made my way around the room with each cloud.
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    yes!!!! to mana regen!!!!

    and my summons can finally come with me to inferno!!!
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    thanks for the advice so far guys. And I am using FoT, not sure why the profile is showing way of the 100 fists.
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    Hey guys, so I am on my way in completing Inferno solo with my Monk. However, Ghom seems to be my brick wall. Up until him, I have been able to take down almost everything else with little problems. But I can't even get close with him.

    Right now, I have 1600 LoH and 1100 Resist. But his gas just drains me faster than I can heal. I run around kiting him but the gas ends up filling the whole room and I can't avoid it.

    (rolling with this gear but swapped out resist gear and higher LoH to see if it helped against Ghom. Even the boost only did very little in my survivability)

    Was hoping to get some advice on how to drop this guy so I can go on defeating Inferno. Otherwise, I might look for someone to help with this quest and move on for now.
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    posted a message on 1.0.4 Developer Blog - Legendaries, Starter Edition Now Available, Patch 1.0.4 Information, Blue Posts
    My favorite buff is the special skill procs on some of them. This is what I was hoping to see the most to make them feel special and not just increased stats.
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    posted a message on Sweeping Winds Weapon Swap, Online Calculator, Poison Summoner Build, and Diablokemon
    Diablo III Inferno Booster Pack Giveaway
    Our weekly Inferno booster pack giveaway is currently going until August 13th! Make sure to check out the official contest thread for information on the prize on how to enter.

    Sweeping Winds - Weapon Swap Trick
    tryhardenmity has posted a video showing a trick to help maximize your ability to farm on a Monk. With the use of using Sweeping Winds and then swapping to LoH weapons, players can get the damage of a stronger weapon while getting the health recovery from LoH weapons. You can check out his original thread for comments.

    Online Diablo 3 Calculator
    xheyia has shared his online Diablo 3 calculator. The calculator web based for all of those who do not want to use spread sheets and includes multiple information. You can check out his thread for comments and feedback.
    • Damage computation for all classes, including dual-wielding and passive skills modifiers.
    • Display the maximum value for items affixes (it won't cap the values you input though, in case I made a mistake).
    • EHP computation with pretty much everything except block chance.
    • Items comparison and stat variation if item are exchanged.

    Poison Summoner Witch Doctor Build
    slybacon is working on completing Inferno with a different build than most with the Witch Doctor. The build focuses on using Zombie Dogs and the Mongrels. He is currently in Act 4 and continuing to progress. With the improvements to the Witch Doctor's Summons in Patch 1.0.4, this build will become even more viable. You can check out his original thread to see videos of his progress.

    Diablokemon PvP Video
    With all of the changes going on, who knows what Blizzard may change to the PvP system? Well, rizenvisual on YouTube has an idea.

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    Diablo III Inferno Booster Pack Giveaway
    Our weekly Inferno booster pack giveaway is currently going until August 6th! Make sure to check out the official contest thread for information on the prize on how to enter.

    Demon Hunter Inferno Video Guide
    tryhardenmity is back again with a full video guide for the Demon Hunter. With the usual spec, gear, and stats, this guide also includes multiple specs to help cater towards different play styles. It also includes some strategy tips for facing some of the more difficult affixes you might run into. For more information and to leave feed back, you can check out his original post here.

    Beginner / Intro to Inferno:

    Medium Skill Range

    Avoids Damage Well / Higher DPS

    Diablo 3 Arcade Cabinet/Controls
    Dave from Dave's Projects has put together a full-functioning arcade version of Diablo III. From the custom cabinet to the arcade-style controls, the game works without modifying the game at all. You can check out more details on how it all came together here.

    Demon Hunter Fan Art Sculpture

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Check out this exquisite sculpture of the #Diablo III demon hunter by fan artist Samo Kramberger: http://t.co/1iMTqKIT

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    Its not. I'm looking to replace it right now. It was originally chosen to match theme.
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    First, this build is not meant to be a "clear Inferno" build although I have seen videos of similar builds doing it. Instead, this build is meant to be a fun alternative to the more cookie cutter builds out there.

    When they first announced that DH, I couldn't have been happier. I really thought that the dark trapper was the exact class I was looking for. However, the bow aspect of the class never really attracted me. So, I had originally planned on playing that class focusing more on the trap and tactical aspect of the class. I created a build completely around the idea of not using a bow at all.

    The main idea behind this build is to utilize skills that do not require a bow. Instead, traps and other gadgets would be the main focus.

    DiabloWiki.com - Grenades Grenades (Stun Grenades) - Grenades is really the only choice to a spammable attack without a bow. Adding the stun rune can help you keep the monsters at bay while you attack.

    DiabloWiki.com - Chakram Chakram (Twin Chakram) - Chakram is a great non-bow attack that will allow you to mow down numerous monsters quickly. The twin rune helps with the lack of targeting with the skill and doubles the damage.

    DiabloWiki.com - Caltrops Caltrops (Jagged Spikes) - Slowing down the enemy is essential for the class and the jagged rune helps add a little extra punch.

    DiabloWiki.com - Spike Trap Spike Trap (Lightning Rod) - A key trap to inflict some heavy damage. Lightning rod helps spread out that damage instead of forcing them in the AoE.

    DiabloWiki.com - Vault Vault (Rattling Roll) - An essential skill to help move around. Rattling roll is good to help add some extra stun to get away.

    DiabloWiki.com - Companion Companion (Bat Companion) - Extra hatred to spam Chakram and Spike Traps.

    Alternatives -
    There are a few other skills we have at our disposal that one may chose to use instead of the ones listed above. If you are fine with your hatred consumption, you can get rid of companion. Caltrops would be the other skill I would drop since the dmg is not much and kiting is never fun for me.

    DiabloWiki.com - Fan of Knives Fan of Knives - A strong damaging skill when you are in the middle of a horde.

    DiabloWiki.com - Sentry Sentry - Good for a quick lay down and let it attack as you are as well.

    DiabloWiki.com - Marked for Death Marked for Death - Good for bosses or elites to add that extra damage.

    There are not a lot of passives that are useful without a bow; however, the few remaining are helpful for this build.

    DiabloWiki.com - Numbing Traps Numbing Traps - With the use of Caltrops and Spike Trap its useful to help stay alive.

    DiabloWiki.com - Custom Engineering Custom Engineering - Again useful with all of our traps.

    DiabloWiki.com - Vengeance Vengeance - Extra hatred for spamming more damaging skills.

    Since this build is directed at having fun, gear is not that important. Finding a strong one-handed weapon is important to keeping your DPS up. Along with a shield with plenty of DEF and VIT to help you stay alive. The ever important DEX and VIT are always useful with this build. IAS can also be helpful to spam more grenades and chakram faster.

    The tactics to this build remain similar to most DH builds. Go in the middle, lay a caltrop, vault out. Then place your three spike traps. After that, just spam grenades and chakram to clear the horde. Recast spike traps when needed and caltrops when kiting.

    Its best to spam chakrams if you have the hatred. After depleting it from spike trap and chakram, switch to grenades to regain hatred. Rinse and repeat.

    Pros and Cons
    The first pro for this build is resource management. There is a good spread of hatred generators, hatred spenders, and discipline spenders. You are never really at a disadvantage when out of resource. You can quickly switch tactics to still do damage while regaining resource. Another pro is with the use of a shield and numbing traps, your defense is a lot better for survivability.

    Cons are simple, you can't use any of the bow skills. If you are playing this build as a purist the grind to 12 can become a bit boring and difficult with no real skill to spam. You also miss out on many other skills that are useful. Another con is the lack of direct targeting. Many of your skills cannot be directly targeted to a single monster and aiming/targeting can take some time to get use to.

    Game Play

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    Diablo III Inferno Booster Pack Giveaway
    Starting this week we will be holding a giveaway once a week to our active forum members. There will be two winners (one EU and one US). Each winner will receive one Diablo III Inferno Item Booster Pack. These are meant to be quick fun giveaways to help out new characters. However you may get lucky and find something a little bit more powerful!

    Prizes, rules, and eligibility information can be found here.

    Barbarian Inferno Guide Video
    tryhardenmity has created a full video guide on how to clear Inferno with your Barbarian. The guide includes information on spec, gear, stats, play style, and tips and tricks. You can check out his original thread for comments and feedback.

    Magic Find Monk Build
    demonalcohol13 has posted a thorough guide on creating a magic find Monk. In his guide he includes skills, gear, and locations to farm for items. You can check out his original thread with his background and goals for the class as well as leave feedback here.

    Squirt the Peddler Comic
    Chewing Fat has created another comic twist on Diablo. Jabbing at the repair mechanic vendors have, he notes a particular vendor that has the capability to do so.

    Curse Weekly Roundup
    Evan takes over to tell us all about the Minecraft 1.3 update, Borderlands 2 Premium package, the 'Four Pillars' Guild Wars 2 videos, and some further video content on World Of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria - all on this week's Roundup!

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    Yeah. I hope the dogs and the mana problem for all witch doctors get fixed in 1.4
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    posted a message on The Diseased Zoo Keeper Build
    First, I want to start off by saying that this build is by no way suppose to be a "beat Inferno" build. This build is meant to be a little off course and a fun change to the typical WD builds. While I have tested it in Inferno, it is by no means the strongest build to clear the difficulty. However, it should be more than capable of taking on Normal and Nightmare and with the right tactics Hell.

    When the Witch Doctor was first announced, all I thought about was pets and poison. The Diseased Zoo Keeper focuses on just that; poisoned animals to do your killing. With the use of five animal skills and plenty of poison imbuement, the character definitely lives up to his name.

    The main design behind the skill choice is both to chose summons that do not need to be constantly spawned and to add poison damage where ever possible.

    DiabloWiki.com - Corpse Spiders Corpse Spiders (Spider Queen) - Corpse Spiders is normally a spammable attack but with the Spider Queen rune we get a skill that we can click once and let it do its thing plus we get added poison damage

    DiabloWiki.com - Firebats Firebats (Plague Bats) - Firebats becomes your only skill that needs to be actively used constantly. It will also be your main source of direct damage. The Plague Bats rune is used to add additional poison damage to the attack.

    DiabloWiki.com - Plague of Toads Plague of Toads (Toad of Hugeness) - Plague of Toads naturally has poison damage to it so we can use the Toad of Hugeness rune to change the skill from something spammable to a persistent source of damage. We also get the added benefit that the giant toad removes attackers from the battle temporarily.

    DiabloWiki.com - Locust Swarm Locust Swarm (Devouring Swarm) - Locust swarm also has the original benefit of poison damage so here is a chance for us to get some mana regen back that all Witch Doctors need with the Devouring Swarm rune.

    DiabloWiki.com - Summon Zombie Dogs Summon Zombie Dogs (Rabid Dogs) - What is a Summon WD without his Zombie Dogs. With the Rabid Dogs rune we get the additional poison damage we are looking for with this build.

    DiabloWiki.com - Sacrifice Sacrifice (Pride) - Used primarily for elites, Sacrifice can help get that extra umph of damage you may need. With the Pride rune, we get another chance to gain back some needed mana as well.


    DiabloWiki.com - Jungle Fortitude Jungle Fortitude - Helps you and your Zombie Dogs stay alive longer.

    DiabloWiki.com - Bad Medicine Bad Medicine - With Poison damage added to almost every attack we have, this will also help keep us alive for longer by reducing their damage.

    DiabloWiki.com - Zombie Handler Zombie Handler - Four Zombie Dogs are always better than three. Plus the 20% additional life will help them fight for longer.

    Since this build is primarily for fun, gear is not as important compared to most builds. The obvious INT and VIT will give your WD the boost in damage and life it will need. There are really no other attributes you need to focus on based upon this skill choice.

    Now the important part, how to play the character. As mentioned, the ideal behind the class is poison animals you can summon once and let them do their magic.

    You should always start with summoning your Zombie Dogs. Once entering any grouping, you then want to cast your other three summons; Corpse Spiders, Plague of Toads, and Locust Swarm. With these four summons out, they will attack anything in the area while you are left free to do other things.

    Once all summons are casted, you can use your Firebats to focus damage on any one/group of monsters that need the extra attention. When fighting elites, Sacrifice can also come in handy to drop some heavy damage quickly. I would suggest making sure your CD on Summon Zombie Dogs is up before using this, however.

    Pros and Cons
    Given that this build is just for fun there are definitely some weaknesses to the build but there are also some advantages. The biggest advantage is the use of consistent summons. You do not have to constantly be micromanaging them. Click once in any grouping and they should last throughout the fight. With the use of Jungle Fortitude and Bad Medicine, paired with the use of summons survivability is actually pretty good as well since you won't be taking much damage. Lastly, you only need to be lvl 36 to have all of the runes available so you can play through all of Nightmare with this complete build.

    The biggest disadvantage is a lack of direct damage. With only Firebats at your direct control, the spreading of damaging can be difficult. Poison deals a lot of damage but it is also over time so taking that into account takes some getting use to. The last problem, as with all WD, is resource management. Firebats is mana heavy so with little mana, there is not much you can do but sit back and watch your summons do everything.

    Game Play

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    posted a message on Jay Wilson on PvP and Legendaries, Inferno Booster Pack Giveaway, Guide for Crafting Chest Armor, and 1,000,000 Gold Witch Docto
    I really hope this new "loot technology" is cool new item properties that only legendaries can have. That would definitely make them wanted without having to make them best in DPS.
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    posted a message on Jay Wilson on PvP and Legendaries, Inferno Booster Pack Giveaway, Guide for Crafting Chest Armor, and 1,000,000 Gold Witch Docto
    Jay Wilson on PvP and Legendaries
    We haven't heard much from Jay Wilson in the past few weeks. However it looks like "The Jace Hall Show" was able to get a few minutes of his time. Jay Wilson first pops up around the 2:00 mark, however the pvp talk starts around 11:29. The information learned from this is not all that new, and there was very little of it. However some info is better than none. Here is a quick roundup:

    (Also for those interested in PvP, we posted a quick preview of a few datamined arena levels not to long ago).
    • Due to player feedback they are upgrading legendaries.
    • They are adding a whole bunch of new loot technology so they can do some "crazy stuff" with legendaries.
    • They want to legitimize PvP in Diablo III.
    • Pvp will take place as an arena team deathmatch.
    • You can form a team of 4 players or use the match making system to be put on a team of 4.
    • Matches will be about 10 minutes long, team with the most kills wins.
    • Will be cool arena style with a lot of fast action, quick respawning, and announcer calling out kills.
    A quick look at one of the UIs can be seen in the picture below. In the picture we can see a player's PvP title. During beta a full list of player titles were datamined. However the title/rank of "Scout" is not on that list.

    Diablo III Inferno Booster Pack Giveaway
    Starting this week we will be holding a giveaway once a week to our active forum members. There will be two winners (one EU and one US). Each winner will receive one Diablo III Inferno Item Booster Pack. These are meant to be quick fun giveaways to help out new characters. However you may get lucky and find something a little bit more powerful!

    Prizes, rules, and eligibility information can be found here.

    Guide to Crafting Chest Armor for the AH
    tybrone has been tracking the crafting and sales of hundreds of 6 prop chest pieces he has made. Through his tracking, he has created a spreadsheet that helps identify and organize the sell values of them based upon that stats that rolled for each one. If you are looking for a guide to help figure out the value of your crafting you can check out his original thread for comments and feedback.

    1,000,000 Gold Inferno Witch Doctor
    CuckooGaming is on a mission to beat Inferno with each class with only a million gold spent on gear. With a price that almost anybody could afford, it helps players find a way to clear Inferno who don't have the funds to buy top gear. You can check out his original thread for comments and feedback.

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    posted a message on Inferno Farming Spots, AH Guide on Item Stats, Demon Hunter Tank Build, Interview with Sound Design Supervisor, and Act 2 Treasu
    AH Guide - Max Stats on Items
    popobawa has created a spread sheet to help players find gear on the AH with the stats they are looking for most. He has listed the max values of each attribute found on each type of gear. Players can use this information to help maximize their gear builds with the stats they need. Players can also use this information to determine sell values of gear on the AH. You can check out his original thread for comments and feedback here.

    More Farming Spots for Inferno Acts 1 -3
    tryhardenmity previously shared with us some farming spots for Inferno. In this update, he has included some additional locations to add to your farming routes.

    Demon Hunter Tank Inferno Build
    cookiee has posted a full guide on how to build a Demon Hunter that can tank Inferno. He has included strategy, skill spec, gear, and FAQS. Building a tanking Demon Hunter can help you survive Inferno. You can check out his original thread for comments and feedback here.

    Interview with Joseph Lawrence - Sound Design Supervisor
    Kill Screen recently interview Joseph Lawrence, Sound Design Supervisor for Diablo III. In the interview, we find out just how they made all of the great sound effects that make Diablo III's monsters come to life... and death. From chocolate sauce and salsa to home-made fuses, you can find out about the work that goes into creating sound effects with specific examples of some of our favorite monsters and skills. Check out the full interview with audio examples here.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    From squishes, mushes and gooey explosions to coins hitting pavement, swords clashing, and arrows whizzing by, Diablo III has a vast array of layered sounds to bring the world of Sanctuary to life while you play. Kill Screen recently sat down with Blizzard sound designer Joseph Lawrence to learn more about how the noises you hear in the game were originally created and captured.

    What’s a sound that you really like from the game?
    I’m a little biased because I actually did it, but the cackles of the skeletons when they laugh uncontrollably. I did them very early on when I was trying to figure out what those guys sounded like. You actually have to sit there and wait for a while, but then they just burst into this maniacal laughter.
    [Cackles maniacally]
    That was before we were union, so all of that got grandfathered in. Now we wouldn’t be able to do such stuff unless I got a SAG card, but back in the old days we were able to do that.

    I played as Witch Doctor, so I think a lot of my favorite sounds are those really gushy explosions. How did you get those?
    Well when we started this game, we all knew that we were going to need an absolutely metric ton of gushy, gooey, squishy sounds. 'Cause that kind of stuff is everywhere in the game. Over the years we’ve done numerous sessions for those—we’ve put our hands in giant vats of yogurt, glue. One particularly disgusting session that just looked horrible by the time we got done was this pile of stuff I’d been manipulating with my hands—it started off as bits of spaghetti, then I mixed in some yogurt [and] chocolate sauce; I think there were some packing peanuts. All these different liquids have a different viscosity and way they sound sticky. We used all manner of vegetables; by the time it was done there was this big pile of disgusting brown goo. There was even a New York steak at the bottom of it that I was slapping against to make splat sounds.
    I can’t tell you how many trips to the grocery store I had to turn in to the accounting department when I’d bought 10 watermelons and crab legs. It’s like, “Mmm, what’s for dinner? Doesn’t really look very good!” [Laughs] The grocery store is just a playground for a sound designer. There are so many things there that make an interesting noise, and there’s no end to the combination of things you can squish together and smash.

    You were basically standing in a studio alone with a large bowl of disgusting salsa?
    Yeah, just moving it around, squishing it with your hands, hitting it with something else. You experiment until you find something that’s really interesting. Usually we’ll have two people in a room, because once your hands get completely covered in goo then you don’t want to be touching a recorder. So we have one guy running the recorder and the other one doing the goo-mangling. You’ve got to always be open to experimentation, because there’s really no book you can open that says: “How to manipulate yogurt to make interesting sounds.”
    The thing also is that sounds are so soft, so if you’re not careful you won’t notice them at all. Sometimes we’d have to move the mic literally a half an inch away from what we were trying to record and turn the levels way up. You get a sound that’s really unique—something that the average person would never hear in a million years because they’re just not listening for it.

    What’s a sound you discovered like this—completely unexpectedly?
    There’s a trick I’ve modified over the years as it's evolved—originally you would have to light something on fire and then get away from it rather quickly. So you’d have to make these fuses with some gunpowder—I poured a little bit of gunpowder over two-inch masking tape, folded it over, and it made a great fuse.
    Certain types of gunpowder would make these amazing fiddles and whistles as the fuse burned. So I started experimenting with these elaborate constructions of masking tape and gunpowder. After three or four trips out to the desert to do this thing, it really evolved. You see it especially with the Demon Hunter, but pretty much with every class except maybe the Barbarian. A lot of casters have the whistle sounds that we did in those fire sessions. I’m still working on that, actually.

    "The grocery store is just a playground for a sound designer."

    What about some of the nonhuman voices in the game? One of my favorites is the Witch Doctor’s fetishes.
    A lot of those fetish monsters came in as we trying to hit a really important deadline and we just had to get them in really fast. I actually think the fetishes are based in part on the little crypt-child voices.

    Very high-pitched and sort of whiney, yeah.
    Those are actually … I think it’s my voice. Those got done a really long time ago, back again before we were union. That was a really important tool that we don’t have anymore—because we’re sound designers, we know exactly what we want to do. We can hear it in our head, and a lot of us used to just do it on the spot. We would just grab a mic and spit out what we thought we needed and then take it and process it immediately.
    The flipside to that is, some of the union actors that we use now for monster noises are absolutely amazing. Some of the stuff they do, it just doesn’t sound like it’s coming from a human being. You watch these people and you’re like, “That is not possible; that dude is possessed or something.” I miss the days when we could have done more of that, but at the same time now we’ve got this stable of monster actors.

    Specific actors that only did monster voices?
    Yeah. Dee Baker, he just does some amazing stuff with his mouth. [Laughs] I guess there’s no other way to put it. He sticks his fingers in his mouth, he’ll put objects in his mouth, anything goes. There’s a lot of people we had come in just to do that. We’re pretty lucky to be that close to LA to get access to the talent up there.

    How did you work with making very heavy impacts in the game register? The Barbarian has so many abilities where he makes the whole ground shake in one way or another.
    Very early on in this game I realized that I wanted it to be: If you hit something, or when you break an object, it had to be powerful. I wanted you to want to hit something, because it’s so satisfying. Generally when you hear stuff like that, it’s not just a single sound that’s firing. We’ll have the main body of the sound—say the impact, which will be a solid mid-range thump. Then over the top of that we’ll have another randomized layer of sword sounds—the metal content. And then there will be another layer of squishy sounds. Each one of those layers has multiple sounds that we’ll randomly pick, so if you have, say, ten permutations in each later, you’ve got a pretty big range of randomized possibilities.
    Because this is a hack-and-slash game—you’re out there just whacking on stuff and blowing stuff up. It has to be satisfying, because that’s all you’re doing!

    How do you see the sound in this game relating to the sounds in Diablo and Diablo II? In my write-up of the beta I commented on the whistling of the loot-drop that brought me back to the original game.
    It was always a question of which ones we were going to use, which ones made sense, which ones we thought we could make better. We wanted to pay homage to the earlier games and keep a sense of continuity. Over the years a lot came in, and a lot went back out. One that’s the most recognizable we called “the flippy sound.” When the monster dies and the loot flips out, there’s a little [whistles]. That’s the same exact sound from Diablo II, it just made sense! I couldn’t imagine trying to make that one better—after a while you don’t even hear it anymore. But the older fans, they loved hearing that.
    Another one is the health well, that [slurps]. The original gold sound just wasn’t holding up under the compression that we were using—often high-pitched metallic stuff will just totally break down under compression. It had to be something new, but close enough to the original that people still appreciated it. It’s there because it’s gold, but after an hour or so you kind of tune it out.
    After speaking with Joseph, I sent over a list of some of Kill Screen’s favorite monsters and moments from the game to see if they could chime in more specifically about the ingredients in each. Sound designers Michael Johnson and Kris Giampa weighed in as well.


    The festering maggots in the Witch Doctor’s “Grasp of the Dead” spell
    The Festering Maggots were made by me by combining two predominant layers: The first was a recording of a wet silicon oven mitt being folded back and forth, and the second was various goo and gore sounds that fellow sound designer Jonas Laster had recorded by utilizing hand soap and other gruesome things.

    The Toad of Hugeness
    The vocalizations for the huge toad from the “Plague of Toad” spell were made by pitching down real recordings of bullfrog croaks. The tongue-whoosh impact on the enemy target was a bullwhip highly saturated and compressed for effect. The swallow was just a recording of someone taking some gulps from a cup of water and really close mic-ing it for that proximity effect that you get. That really sold the size of the frog for me.

    The Demon Hunter's Rapid Fire ability
    Rapid Fire took many iterations before we stuck with the one we shipped with. We wanted to have it sound aggressive yet organic at the same time. It basically consists of a few layers that are triggered randomly with every shot, which happens very, very quickly. You will generally hear the wooden “chunkiness” of the crossbow, along with some low-end thumps mixed with a ricochet type of sound every now and again to give it a little bit of a machine-gun type feel. Along with each projectile shooting off, there is a “firey” type of loop attached while also triggering aggressive sounding one-shot whooshes as it flies away from the player. We didn’t want the loop to be too audible for the player, as it could easily cloud up the mix too much. So you don’t hear the “firey” loop of the projectile too much as it flies away from the player, but you will hear it more obviously as it flies by your head if you play co-op with another Demon Hunter.

    The Demonic Hell Bearer
    The vocalizations for the Demon Hell Bearer (Siege Wall Monster) were performed by voice actor Fred Tatasciore and recorded by Mike here at Blizzard. Once we had the recordings from the voice actor I pitched them down quite a bit and layered in all sorts of animals—primarily pigs, tigers, and bears. The Vomit Soldiers (Demon Troopers) were basically Fred Tatasciore pitched down with some bass-enhancement plugins, and then layered back on top of themselves, offset, and recorded out as a final audio file.

    The Witch Doctor’s “Acid Cloud” ability
    The actual spellcast sound was a mixture of verbed-out voices, lava bubbles, paint splats, and some steam iron chuffs. The residual acid loop that you hear after the spell is cast is actually Mike recording some heated-up olive oil in a skillet with water being trickled down into it.

    Act 2 Treasure Goblin Farming
    drjeckel has been recording data from Treasure Goblins in Act 2. He has compared loot type, average iLvL, and total iLvL by mob type. You can check out his original thread here to leave comments and feedback.

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