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    hl2 was the best fps ever imo. doom3 was also pretty sick, but the halo series was all about the 2 player coop. best ive ever played in a fps, and army of two was a complete disappointment! halo had an addictive multiplayer but nothing like counterstirke (1.6) i gave halo3 a 9
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    Quote from "Siaynoq" »
    I've always had serious apprehensions about Diablo in 3d. I'm just afraid of what the finished product might look like, a product that would lose that classic Diablo feel to it.

    I might be mistaken but i think you misunderstood the post topic. This has nothing to do with a 3D gameplay. I am sure D3 will be 2.5D like D2 was, but on a 3D monitor the characters and the environment would have depth and perspective. no moving camera angles or such. sort of like watching a movie vs watching a movie in 3D.
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    Quote from "Genesis" »
    Im not trying to be negative but I dont see this catching on in the gaming communities, especially with FPS gamers. Most hardcore FPS gamers even refuse to use lcd monitors and still use crt monitors because of the faster refresh rate/response times and less blur so I get the feeling theyre not going to want 3d monitors messing with their "1337 aim"

    I want a 3d TV though

    That was exactly what i was thinking when i saw these coming out. I've been a fps gamer for awhile (almost as long as ive been a diablo gamer) and im also a complete videophile. i was actually surprised to see that the zalman monitor's specs are pretty decent, although personally i wont play any fps games without anything less that 2ms response. But for an action RPG 5ms isn't too bad, and 3d would be pretty sweet. I'm pretty split on this topic so I'm not voting either way.

    Brightness 300~400 cd/㎡
    Contrast Ratio 1000:1
    View Angle 2D View Angle : 160˚(L/R) / 160˚(U/D)
    3D View Angle : 90˚(L/R) / 10˚~12˚(U/D)
    Response Rate 5ms
    Frequency Horizontal 30 ~ 80 KHz
    Vertical 56 ~ 75 Hz
    Resolution 1680 x 1050
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    Quote from "Siaynoq" »
    Sorry. First Narnia movie was so awful. So so awful.

    gonna have to second that, first Narnia movie was utter crap
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    posted a message on new 3D monitors for d3
    I don't know if any of you are aware of the 3D gaming monitors that debuted in last years CES, but they have been available to the public for a reasonable price. the 2 brands that i know of are the Zalman Trimon and the iZ3D.

    basically, the monitor produces 2 separate images interlaced, one for your left eye and one for your right, and when you wear those sweet dynamically polarized glasses the image comes to life in 3D. I havn't tried one of these monitors yet, but i've been wanting to get one for awhile. apparently they support a pretty big game library as of now:

    Age of Empires 3 MS
    Age of Empires 3 - Asian Dynasties MS
    Age of Empires III - The War Chiefs MS
    Age of Mythology Ensemble Studios
    Age of Mythology - Titans Ensemble Studios
    Assault Heroes Sierra
    Bee Movie the Game Activision
    Beowulf Ubisoft
    BioShock 2K Games
    Blazing Angels 2 - Secret missions of WWII UBISOFT
    Call of Duty 4 Activision
    Call of Juarez Ubisoft
    Civilization 4 2K Games
    Command and Conquer 3 - Tiberiam Wars EA
    Crysis Crytek Studio
    CSI: Hard Evidence Ubisoft
    Dead Reefs DreamCatcher
    Driver Parallel Lines Atari
    Empire Earth 3 Mad Doc Software
    F.E.A.R. Sierra
    F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate Sierra
    Fable - The Lost Chapters Lionhead
    FIFA 07 EA
    FIFA 08 EA
    Flatout Sierra
    Fantasy Wars Nobilis
    Far Cry UBISOFT
    Gears of War MS
    Guitar Hero 3 Activision
    Half-Life 2 Valve
    Half-Life 2 - Episode 1 Valve
    Half-Life 2 - Episode 2 Valve
    Half-Life 2 - Portal Valve
    Half-Life 2 ? Team Fortress 2 Valve
    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    Heroes of Might and Magic 5 UBISOFT
    Loki Cyanide
    Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth I EA
    Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth II EA
    Madden 2008 EA
    Maelstrom Codemasters
    Meet the Robinsons DIC
    Medieval 2 - Total War
    Mage Night - Apocalypse IS
    Medal of Honor Pacific Assault EA
    Monster Jam Activision
    MotoGP URT 3 THQ
    NBA Live 07 EA
    NBA Live 08 EA
    Need for Speed Carbon EA
    Need for Speed Pro Street EA
    Need for Speed Underground 2 EA
    NHL 07 EA
    NHL 08 EA
    Oblivion ESRB
    Oblivion - The Shivering Isles Expansion Pack
    Pirates of the Caribbean - At Worlds End DIC
    Phantasy Star Universe
    Real Flight KES
    Rogue Trooper Rebellion
    Race 07 SIMBIN
    rFactor Imagespaceinc
    Spiderman 3 Activision
    STALKER - Shadow of Chernobyl THQ
    Star Wars - Empire at War Lucas Arts
    Supreme Commander THQ
    Sam and Max - Season One DCG
    Sega Rally Revo SEGA
    Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance THQ
    The Settlers - Rise of an Empire UBISOFT
    The Witcher Atari
    Tiger Woods 2007 EA
    Tiger Woods 2008 EA
    Titan Quest THQ
    Tomb Raider - Anniversary Eidos
    Torino 2006 2K Sports
    Two Worlds ESRB
    Unreal Tournament 2004 Epic Games
    Vanguard SOE
    World in Conflict Massive Entertainment
    World of Warcraft Blizzard
    World of Warcraft - The Burning Crusade Blizzard
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    posted a message on Zune vs. iPod
    well one factor that was a big thing for me when i bought my mp3 player was durability. i like to listen to music while i snowboard, and ipods shut down when it gets too cold. also since they use an internal harddrive, there are many moving parts and thus a greater chance to break it. i went with a 2gb creative zen nano, because it uses a ssd (solid state drive). i would recommend a ssd if you are gonna be rough with ur mp3 player.
    another factor was the software i would need in order to put music on my mp3 player. itunes is horrid. the copywrite protection is annoying, and its constantly running in the background and slows your computer. i personally have nothing against window media player, which is what the zune uses. the creative zen nano i bought does not require any software, and you can simply click and drag your music files just like an external drive (no copy-right bullsht to get around).
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    posted a message on Angels exist, yes? no? maybe?
    I like to think of Jesus like with giant eagles wings, and singin' lead vocals for Lynyrd Skynyrd with like an angel band and I'm in the front row and I'm hammered drunk!
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    when i was in the hospital after a plane crash i went into a coma for 3 weeks due to severe injuries. anyway, i was on morphine most of the time and i had some crazy reoccuring dreams. i was underwater swimming through shipwrecks and coral reefs collecting gold and treasure (it was alot like a game). at other times i was swinging through the jungle with gorillas gathering fruit and avoiding predators. but most of the time i was cruising around in a cokacola semi with a polarbear driving, and we would hit up all these clubs. the club people would go nuts when we opened up the truck and gave everyone free coke. this was more of a trip than a dream because i later found out that the tv in my room was on and this was back when they had those coke comercials with the polar bears.
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    posted a message on Blizzcon 2008 Announced
    Quote from ".KILLING-HAZARD." »
    Well, im sure i need to buy a new comp for this game, till then ill be playing mah ps3. :D w00t, call of dutyy 4, golden sniper, golden ak, golden shotty, and the golden d.e wooooooooo

    if they make d3 compatible with linux then you'd be able to play it on your ps3. If they do make the announcement, i'm gonna build some sick rigs with d3 case mods, and i'll probably to sell d3 comps to hardcore fans.
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    posted a message on State of Battle.net
    its not worth it. i started back up about 5 months ago in hc and all 8 of my chars died within one month. i was only killed by pkers, there are a bunch of hackers on bnet now and people can hostile you from anywhere. its bullshit.
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    posted a message on Blizzcon 2008 Announced
    Quote from "TeHAJ" »
    so, question. does anyone want 2 go into blizzards main office with a lot of guns and steal the alpha D3 if there is one?

    I do! and while were at it we can set up explosives on all the wow servers, and hold em hostage till they finalize d3!!
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 countdown!
    Quote from "samuelarchibald" »
    diablo3 trailers are already out in japan. ive seen it myself. the story is about tyreal. the archangel got corrupted with the spirit of baal. there are two new characters too, an angel who gave up his immortality to help getting tyreal back and a demon who was vanished by tyreal who wants revenge.

    no way this can be true... but im gonna look into it cause im in japan right now... btw this is my first post, been a long time lurker, and now im gettin jumpy waitin for wwi08
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