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    So a couple weeks ago my mom called me up and told me my dog died. She said she was outside and heard my dog whimpering after about 15-20 minutes of trying to follow her cry's for help she found her in the neighbors ditch. When she walked to the end of the driveway she said she saw the neighbors kid and his friends outside and as soon as they saw her they ran inside. Well they took her to the vet and said her leg had been broken and her hip. And that considering her age she would not survive threw surgery. So they put her to sleep now I had this dog for about 16 years since I was 4 years old so I must say I was really attached to this dog in fact she was a part of my life, even a part of me, and my family.

    My mom had suspected foul play and when she told me about the neighbors and their reaction there really wasn't a doubt in my mind. So when they did an autopsy on her they did find that there was some foul play involved. Any ways my mom asked the neighbors about it and they said they seen the same kids shooting BB guns at her.

    My question is, is it bad that every time I'm reminded of her I would like to do nothing more then to hospitalize the person responsible for doing this? To actually fantasize about doing this and actually getting relief from just the thought of it.

    I think the only thing that is stopping me from actually doing it is that I live like 500 miles away.
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