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    The critics are right about this movie, this movie does NOT suck at all!

    It's FAR from a Special effect movie with no substance (like Transformers is).

    I just can't take any of YOU seriously. LOL Gamers dissing QUALITY movies (And on top of that, have NOT even seen the movie) LOL I am not respecting any of your opinions :P

    I've SEEN the movie, amoung many other regular average people also seen it, and we all believe the movie to be a Masterpiece (Best movie of the decade-ish) if not one of the BEST movies of the year! In fact, VERY FEW say it's not.

    The movie has the BEST CG ever with actors giving Oscar-worthy performances especially in actress Zoe Saldana!

    You tell me after seeing this movie, you wouldn't mind her character (Neytiri) to be your girlfriend... she is totally cute and believable in a CG character, that's a hard feat with CG!

    To me, it's totally ridiculous/absurd to bash a movie like you are an expert, that you haven't even seen.

    What has this world come to?

    I don't know what kind of movies YOU guys find to be quality, then?

    Transformers? Resident Evil? Mortal Kombat? The ones that critics say is bad?

    Curious :P Cuz only if you find these movies to be very quality movies you would find Avatar to be junk.
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