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    posted a message on The Black Friday(CHEAP!) Computers so far
    Compaq CQ4010F Desktop Computer w/AMD Sempron LE-1300 Processor, 2GB RAM, 250GB Hard Drive
    ----- $229.99

    eMachines Desktop w/AMD Athlon Processor, 3GB RAM, 320GB HD, Windows 7, w/18.5" LCD Monitor and HP Deskjet Printer
    ----- $299.97

    Compaq Presario AMD LE-1300 Desktop w/18.5" Monitor
    ----- $329.99

    HP Pavillion Slimline s5220f Desktop Computer w/Intel Pentium Processor E5300, 4GB RAM, 640GB Hard Drive
    ----- $369.99

    Dell Desktop PC w/AMD Athlon X2 215 Processor, 4GB RAM, 640GB Hard Drive, 20-inch LCD Monitor
    ----- $499.98

    HP Desktop AMD X4 Quad Core, 8GB Memory, 1TB Hard Drive w/20" Monitor, HP Deskjet DJ350 Color Printer & Windows 7 Home Premium
    ----- $499.97

    HP Pavilion Desktop P6229PG w/20" Widescreen LCD Monitor
    ----- $499.99

    HP Pavillion Slimeline Intel E5300 Desktop w/20" Monitor
    ----- $519.99

    Any good for Diablo 3 ??
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    posted a message on Diablo Movie
    Disney bought Marvel... but Diablo is NOT a Marvel franchise.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 story line going to be EPIC!!
    Can't wait for Trailer #2!!!
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    posted a message on Voiced by any famous actors?
    Does anyone know Diablo 3 will be voiced by any famous Actors, Actresses?
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    posted a message on My Faith Restored!!!
    So, I looked at the Monk Gameplay, the place is NOT Colorful, and too bright anymore.

    It looks like Diablo 2 now!

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    posted a message on Diablo Movie
    Quote from "Dane" »
    Barbarian - That "Kahn" guy or whatever his name is from the Mortal Kombat movie. Raiden's brother

    Brian Thompson

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    posted a message on Diablo Movie
    Johnny Depp - Necromancer
    Helena Bonham Carter - Sorceress
    Russel Crowe / Gerald Butler - Barbarian
    Jason Statham - Paladin
    Charlize Theron - Amazon
    Zhang Ziyi - Assassin
    Hugh Jackman - Druid

    Josie Maran - Succubi

    Cain - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pqk3RlIS2U

    I WIN!!! :)
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    posted a message on D3 on Consoles
    Dude, When I played Diablo 1/2 I need no more than 8-10 hotkeys anyway!
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    posted a message on D3 on Consoles
    Well, aside from Xbox 360 has 10 without it too, the Arrows are just the KEY/MAIN help for assigning Hotkeys.

    Anyone played Xbox 360 that would MAKE a game like Diablo WORK, would know. that Upper-Left, Upper-Right, etc give it 4 more options. (8 MORE if using LB, 12 MORE if using RB too... Not to mention LT and RT, and right stick!)

    So, that EASILY takes care of the "Keyboard required" problem many were complaining. No it's NOT required. It's why RTS is very playable on Xbox 360!!!

    And, the Mouse-issue, well it (joystick) may not be as precise as mouse is, but I played enough RTS/2.5D games on Xbox 360 to find that NOT to be a huge problem, at all!

    So, PS will give you some problems. Xbox 360 is much better with the controller!
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    posted a message on D3 on Consoles
    Fact of the matter is, Playstation, PS2 was just NOT good enough for Diablo

    Either in

    CPU/System Spec (PS1 was 34MHZ) So LOW I couldn't believe it lasted THAT long!

    Controller - With Playstation controller you can only assign 4 HOT keys

    ONLY Controller you can assign at least 8 Hot key IS

    Xbox 360

    BUT Time (Well, Xbox was released AFTER Diablo 2 came out on PC)

    Now, Xbox 360 Redesigned the 2 Black/White buttons, into EASY to access LB, RB Buttons. It's SO easy to assign MORE Hotkeys with them!

    I think the BEST platform for Diablo 3 to be on is Xbox 360!!! Unless, PS3 going to put out New controller, it also won't get to have 8 Hotkeys.

    ONLY Xbox/Xbox 360 can!

    Actually this is the ORIGINAL Xbox Controller... <NIGHTMARE>

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    posted a message on D3 on Consoles
    Well, up to 8 hotkeys can be assigned to spells, or skills, items, at least with the analog buttons lower left on Xbox 360 controllers.

    Then some Combinations of LT, RT, LB, RB can make for MORE possible combinations.

    Is there really a need to have more than 8 anyway, that just can be done/changed when you pause at a point, when no enemies are around.

    With like Fallout 3, Oblivion, etc when you open up options to change weapons, skills and look at stats, etc the game stops and let you do that too.
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    posted a message on D3 on Consoles
    Quote from "Thasador" »
    They tried it a few times in the past with no success...

    If anyone looked at Diablo on PS2 was not successful to judge whether it will be success on these Next-Gen consoles, it's very simply FOOLISH!

    Times HAVE changed. Xbox 360 is now LIGHT years ahead of Xbox Original, or PS2. So much MORE abilities/capabilities!

    Look at Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Halo Wars, and ALL those RTS/RPG (These 2.5 D ones) already on Xbox 360.

    It CAN be done!
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    posted a message on D3 on Consoles
    Quote from "Zhar" »
    Barely anybody spends 200$ on a PC.
    You can get a PC today that far outstrips consoles for about $800, probably even less.

    Not by buying from any retailers, or buying a cool PC from Alienware. They are all over $800!

    In the console vs computer argument, computers win.
    Computers can do MUCH more.

    Granted, consoles are getting more features these days, but the computer still has many more options available to it.

    Again, a Computer-biased statement that makes NO sense, you are just trying to justice PC for NO good reason!

    Of course it CAN do more, but most of the apps to edit graphics, edit Videos and surf the Internet or whatever for consoles, is NOT necessary. The console's MAIN purpose is to play games, which Xbox 360 is doing WAY MORE than that already! I can buy a good Laptop for what I need to do (Without even build it myself) for around $300-400 on Black Friday, and I can use it for 5 years! Just the need for edit graphics, edit movies, surf Internet and make music.

    Consoles today are MORE than Powerful for modern games!

    If I put my money on a console, I certainly do NOT care anymore for a Gaming PC NO longer!

    And yes, games are usually very dumbed down for consoles.
    And as for Mods, most are actually very good, adding tons of extra gameplay and options to games.
    Most people say that the only way to play oblivion, is heavily modded.
    I have to agree, by itself, it's a somewhat shitty game (combat system is to blame).

    Like I said, I DISAGREE, I DON'T need these mods!!!

    It's NOT dumbed down for me.

    NO. By itself, it's NOT shitty at all!!!

    NO levels, or ANY in-game stuff are in the Original Fallout/Oblivion and it's addons are left out from the console versions!!

    The PC versions have NO advantage other than User Mods!

    I DON'T WANT the Mods, I got 500ish hours from Oblivion(W/ ALL the addons) and about 300 as well with Fallout 3, with NO Mods! 800 hours is A LOT hours spend on just a couple games, already. Time to move on to other great games, rather than playing the SAME freaking game, with some stupid Mods.

    I DON'T give a shit about Mods!!!

    And again... you can get a decent computer for about $500-$800.
    Biggest misconception people have about PC's is the price, if you build it yourself, you save yourself assloads of money.
    It's the people who buy their computers from retailers that get fucked.

    Well, I am a software person, not a Hardware person. I don't build PC myself! And DO NOT want to bother!

    Quote from "SFJake" »
    Thats true. Best thing is to build it yourself and if you can't do that, I'm sure everyone knows at least one person that could help them there.

    Even then, when you know where to buy your computer and don't go in shitty amateur shops asking 200$ for your 1 gb stick of ram, you can get a nice computer.

    Its just that most don't even try. They just take a look at the prices for a full computer (and generally the strongest are the first one they will see), think its what you need to decently run games, see the INSANE price and say "omg, computer are overpriced!".

    Its a bit annoying.

    See that? How sad is it that most people think this way? Its just complete ignorance and people just go ahead and buy consoles. I just don't get it.

    IF the BEST argument you can come up is, "You can Build a PC yourself for Cheap" you still FAIL!

    A lot of gamers do NOT know, or want to Build a PC! Why? They are Gamers, NOT have to be PC gurus!

    No, it's also not our stupidity that we can't build if we wanted, it's just that it's NOT in our blood to want to waste that time!

    Consoles = GOOD enough. CHEAP enough.

    PCs = What I used to play ALL the time, but now days it doesn't matter ANY longer! Mouse/Keyboard to play games NOW days seems pretty stupid to me, these days! :P
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    posted a message on Estimated d3 progress % by blizzcon
    Show me a NEW graphic from Scariest part of the game they done, and then I will give a BETTER judgement.

    What they showed us (All these Rainbows, colorful trees, bunnies, etc) I hope is just the first 10% at most, then the inside showed already is the next 20-30%, deep into the dungeon, which we ALL haven't seen a screenshot yet...

    So it's hard to judge without seeing Pics!
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    posted a message on D3 on Consoles
    You PC guys just trying to Justify the Expensive PC you spend on... cuz there is nothing else that makes sense why Console can't have a game like Diablo anymore.

    Already told you MANY MANY games that are like Diablo on on Xbox 360, PS3... Mouse NO longer matters in gaming!

    But I CAN understand you are just trying to justify the expensive PC you spend on.

    "Oh I spend $2000 on this PC Why the hell console gamers spend ONLY $200 and play it too with the same level o graphics?" Oh I KNOW how you feel.

    Well, give it up! If Diablo 3 Makers/Blizzard wants it on Consoles, I rather they DO than listen to you guys!

    Make it FAIR to every gamer, instead of satisfy one group of gamers that makes NO sense at all now days to need mouse or it can't goto a console!

    Those of you say Oblivion/Fallout 3 is Dumbed down for console.

    You know what?

    Who cares? They are Both over 100-500 hours of gaming.

    More than satisfying.

    You think I care about some Mod that fanboys create for these games, that is the only thing missing from my experience?


    Fallout 3/Oblivion are not that Dumbed down at all. They are JUST fine! And, so will Diablo. The Devs will NOT cut down/leave out any levels or spells, items whatever. They are just going to leave OUT the ability to Mod like Fallout/Oblivion, or maybe play on Battle.net, but which is 100% fine with me!

    My MAIN priority right FIRST is to play it Single Player in the BEST Graphics possible without spend $1000+.

    If I feel the MP urge is strong, I probably just buy the PC version, too and tone down the graphics all the way DOWN to play the MP!

    These years, I don't think I want to spend a grand on computers!!! Economy is so BAD!!!
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