UE Fire Multishot DH Farm Build Rifts/Bounties/GR insane clear speed easy to gear

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  • Evasive Fire Focus
  • Multishot Arsenal
  • Vault Tumble
  • Preparation Invigoration
  • Companion Wolf Companion
  • Vengeance Seethe
  • Ambush
  • Blood Vengeance
  • Ballistics
  • Tactical Advantage


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Bane of the Powerful
    • Boon of the Hoarder
    • Zei's Stone of Vengeance

Kanai's Cube

  • Dawn
  • Pride's Fall
  • Avarice Band

For the items:

-Gloves are the "Fiendish Grips", you aim for dexterity, crit chance, crit damage and then cooldown reduction in that order.

-Shoulders are the "Unsanctified Shoulders", you aim for dexterity, vitality, cooldown reduction and then resistance to all elements in that order.

-Helmet is the "Accursed Visage", you aim for dexterity, crit chance and then either vitality or multishot damage as you prefer, in that order, for the socket you use a diamond for the extra cooldown reduction.

-Chestplate is the "Cage of the Hellborn", you aim for dexterity, discipline (in the secondarys), vitality and then resistance to all elements, in that order, for the sockets you use Emeralds for even more dexterity..

-Pants are "Unholy Plates", you aim for dexterity, vitality and then resistance to all elements, in that order, for the sockets you use Emeralds for even more dexterity.

-Boots are the "Hell Walker", you aim for dexterity, vitality, multishot damage and than resistance to all elements, in that order.

-Bracers are the "Nemesis Bracers", you aim for dexterity, fire damage, crit chance and than vitality, in that order.

-Belt is the "Goldwrap", you aim for dexterity, vitality, resistance to all elements and than %life, in that order.

-Rings are "Focus" and "Restraint", the stats here are a bit tricky to explain, you should always aim for crit chance and crit damage and then flat damage range, but dexterity is also fine.

-Amulet is a "Hellfire Amulet", here you aim for crit damage, fire damage and then crit chance, also you should aim for 1 of 5 passives, "Tactical Advantage", "Steady Aim", "Ambush", "Ballistics" or "Blood Vengeance". (Awareness, Archery and Hot Pursuit are fine too)

-Weapon is a "Yang's Recurve", you aim for flat damage range, dexterity, discipline (in the secondarys), %damage increase and then attack speed, in that order, do NOT roll away the ressource cost reduction, for the socket you use a Emerald for the extra crit damage.

-Offhand is the "Dead Man's Legacy", you aim for dexterity, attack speed, multishot damage, discipline (in the secondarys), crit chance, cooldown reduction and than vitality, in that order.

You should try to get atleast 2 7-8% rolls of cooldown reduction on your gear, that makes Vengeance almost permanently up with a Dawn in the cube, for permanent Vengeance you need 3 rolls with each 7-8% cooldown reduction.


-Weapon: Here you use a Dawn for the reduced cooldown on Vengeance, what allows us to have Vengeance up permanently if we hit enough cooldown reduction.

-Armor: Here you can choose between the Gloves of Worship to increase the duration of shrines to 10 minutes, or Pride's Fall to reduce our ressource costs by 30% if we didn' took any damage in the last 5 seconds, i prefer the Pride's Fall here especially in solo play you will never be able to get enough shrine effects at once to make it worth but for group play it's another story here you can easily get up to 4 or 5 different shrines at the same time and keep them up.

-Jewelry: Here we take an Avarice Band so you get especially with the Boon of the Horder an insane pick up radius so you dont have to walk long ways to pick up health globes or progression orbs or gold.


-Bonn of the Hoarder, this is a simple choice when it comes to a farm build, it gives you a huge gold income and some movement speed aswell when it hits level 25, if you have an Avarice Band in the cube it just reaches a broken level.

-Bane of the Powerful, another easy choice for speedfarming, we get some elite damage from the level 25 bonus so we kill packs even fast and the 20% damage buff is up all the time without any problems.

-Zeis Stone of Vengeance, this is just an easy pick up you will just always stay as far away from enemys as possible to keap your 4 piece bonus up and you Steady Aim so this just gives you an extra damage boost on top.

Yes, i am aware of the fact that i don't use a Bane of the Trapped, it just doesn' fit into this build. The fact is that you aim to oneshot almost everything and the only way to proc a realiable croud control effect on enemies from range as dh is "Thrill of the Hunt", the problem with that passive is, that the enemies take the damage of the first hit and than get slowed so the first hit doesn't get the damage buff from Bane of the Trapped.

Here is a diablo planner version of this build with all stats set up: https://www.d3planner.com/632339770

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Primary Stat
Maximum Resource


Cooldown Reduction
Attack Speed
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Resource Cost Reduction
Life on Hit
Gold Find
Area Damage


1. put as many points into movement speed as you need to hit 25% with your gear combined.

2. put every other point into dexterity for pure damage


1. max out cooldown reduction, it's needed to hit/come closer to the permanent vengeance breakpoint (~34-35% with a dawn in cube)

2. max out attack speed, for a bit smoother gameplay

3. max out crit chance, most of the white mobs die when you crit them once so here you take the crit rate to increase the clearspeed.

4. max out crit damage, as last we take the crit damage you already kill most white mobs with crits so just increase the crit damage so you can do that on an even higher tier.


1. max out the resist to all elements, since we are a dexterity based character we get a lot of armor from our mainstat so this gives us the most toughness.

2. max out the %life, this gives us the second most toughness from this page so we take it.

3. max out armor, after %life this gives us a little toughness boost aswell.

4. max out life regeneration, the health per second here is the most irrelevant so we take it as last.


1. max out ressource cost reduction, this just let's you spam more multishots.

2. max out life per hit, since we don't aim for any health regeneration types on the gear this gives you some regeneration in case you take some damage.

3. max out gold find, because this is a speedfarm build this just gives you some more gold and area damage doesn't give you a lot of damage because you don't want to spend a long time hitting one monster group so area damage doesn't shine.

4. max out area damage, as explained abouth it has the lowest effect in this build, so we take it as last.

Build Guide

First thing, if you want to farm GR's with this build, just swap out the Goldwrap for a Witching hour, the Boon of the Hoarder for either a Bane of the Stricken or an Esoteric Alteration (as you prefer), in the cube put out the Avarice Band for a Convention of Elements, in the passives in personaly like to put in Awarenes so in case i take lethal damage i survive and don't loose my free gem up.

Before i can write something about the actuall Gameplay, in case you play Demon Hunter as start class in the season and have to farm all items, here is a list of what you should roll at the cube and try to get from kadala first. First go for the full Unholy Essence Set, than look for a Dead Man's Legacy from Kadala and try to get a Yang's Recurve from the cube meanwhile (you should do it this way arround because quivers just cost 25 bloodshards and weapons cost 75, but in the cube it doesn't matter what you upgrade, the costs stay the same), than look for Focus and Restraint as soon as you got Dead Man's Legacy from Kadala start buying rings and as soon as you got a Yang's Recurve you should start upgrading one handed crossbows to get your Dawn for the cube, than you can go for rings at the cube to get Focus and Restraint. Than look for a Goldwrap to get the much needed tankyness and survivability for higher Torment levels, and as last item look for Nemesis Bracer just to increase your clear speed a bit more. The Avarice Band and Pride's Fall are bounty items they bouth drop in Act 3 and Act 4 so just look out for them. In case you want to use Gloves of worship in the cube instead of a Pride's Fall you can find them in Act 2 from bounties.

Now, finally something about the Gameplay itself. Mainly you are just jumping arround with your Vault-Tumble and just shoot your Multishot in every direction you see an enemy, as long as you have Goldwrap, Avarice Band and Boon of the Hoarder you are poretty much invincible that doesn't mean that you should just jump in and go melee to enemys, they wont kill you but you will loose a lot of damage. Make sure to keep your vengeance up permanently if you hit the cooldown reduction requirements (~34-35% cooldown reduction and a Dawn in the cube), for the discipline management, you usually don't have that many problems with keeping your discipline at a high level because of Blood Vengeance but if you drop to arround 50% discipline just use your Preparation and you are almost at 100% again. Also even if you have full hatred use your generator atleast once per 5 seconds to keep up the Focus Restraint set buff. use your Wolf Companion whenever you face some high health monster such as yellow packs, Rift Guardians or Bosses. For the difficulty, always aim for arround 4 minutes per run maximum, it's better to run 1 or 2 difficultys lower but have much faster clearing speed than running a high difficulty and have slower clearing speed.