D3D error post Win 10 update

  • D3D error

    Updated Windows 10 and got the D3D error upon launch. Tried all relevant trouble shooting on forums and no go. Adding insult to injury; can't submit trouble ticket either.

  • As Nimrod had mentioned, we're going to need to know more about the computer. I'd suggest posting a DxDiag report to get started.
  • Werewolf78,

    Hmm, DxDiag isn't really showing any issues.

    The new Win 10 release might have reverted changes you may have made earlier so I'd make sure you have the Xbox Game DVR feature disabled and also have disabled Full Screen Optimization for the game's executable file.

    Disabling Xbox DVR on Windows 10 - https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/92046

    Follow the steps for the Fall Creators Update (Build 16299)

    For Full Screen Optimization:

    Please navigate to your Diablo III game folder (default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft) and then open the x64 folder. Right click on the Diablo III64.exe. Select Properties, then left click on the Compatibility tab in the top section. Look for the option for disabling Full Screen Optimization and place a check mark in the box next to it. Click OK and then try the game again to see if it's still giving you the error message.

    If it is, please post the Diablo III\x64\D3Debug.txt file
  • Werewolf78,

    2018.05.15 19:32:41.977983900 Opening Direct3D11 in 2880x1800 fullscreen mode.
    2018.05.15 19:32:42.263922900 sOpenWindow - SetFullscreenState Failed - Result: 80004005
    2018.05.15 19:32:42.267605400 ERROR: [D3D Error] Diablo III was unable to initialize D3D. Click OK to retry.

    Do you happen to have Nvidia's DSR mode enabled? Something is doubling the resolution and messing things up , likely GeForce Experience which can do that.

    Check and disable it if it's enabled.