BK Set Zodiac Proc Rate: Not Working Correctly?

  • [Important]

    Dear Developers,

    Thank you very much for the recent buff to the BK set. It was very important to balance the Istvan and BK whirlwind setups among each other and this is a very welcome change.

    As expected, I immediately tested my Whirlwind barbarian using BK weapons. The original WW build is as shown below:


    In the PTR, I replaced the Istvan blades with BK weapons with the same stats (7% IAS and +20% AD on both weapons). I also kept the attack speed and AD values the same in the total of the whole character. I only replaced the Amulet and the bracers with the same amulet and bracer but with Physical elemental damage instead of lightning.

    After the patch was released S4v4g3 prepared a nice comparison report for the Istvan Blades and the BK weapon set, details of which are given below:


    According to these comparisons, BK weapons are expected to surpass the Istvan blades considering their attack speed. However, I could not observe the manifestation of this during my 95 runs. The same build with Istvan blades counter part was able to let me keep permanent berserker and Ignore pain at the same cooldown and attack speed values. The recent attack speed buff of the BK set should allow us to perform equal or greater than Istvan's IAS performance. However, with BK weapons, it seems that we are not proccing the zodiac ring as much as the Istvan blades although math suggests that we should hit more often.

    Is there an inherent proc rate difference between mighty weapons and the swords? or is this a bug which may need fixing:

    Multiplicative attack speed buffs not reflected in the character sheet are not benefiting the Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac procs? or other types of procs?

    From the looks of it, the hits made by the BK weapons are not fully registered by the Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac, which is most likely due to the multiplicative attack speed not being reflected in the sheet values. There may be a compatibility issue between the BK set and the Obsidian Ring.

    It would be very helpful if you could take a look at this.
    Thank you very much

  • We're in the process of testing a hotfix for this and will hopefully push it to PTR sometime this week.