Why no love for Shadow DH set?

  • Honestly, I was excited that maybe, just maybe, with this notion of set balancing and what not and the obviousness of UE outperforming Shadow on live and PTR server Leaderboards prior to and during this PTR, that the Shadow Set would at least get a slight buff somewhere, not just having to settle for a small KP Dagger upgrade. UE gets not only the buffs to the set but also buffs to both Yang's Recurve AND Dead Man's Legacy quiver. Why not a 60-80% buff to the Holy Point Shot quiver in the very least as well?

    Waiting all this time after many of us have given feedback and after this latest PTR patch update release, I honestly am shocked. So basically this set and build is taking a back seat to a playstyle within the class that really isn't my kind of thing, and I must choose UE Grenades or Multishot now (which for most isn't a bad thing). It's just not my cup of tea. You can agree with this perspective or you can agree to disagree, certainly, all are entitled to their opinions and perspectives, but for a player that has been playing this build since the beginning of Season 10, I am sad to say if the way this patch is now going live, I will be forced to play a different class and build entirely that fits my playstyle which is a bit painful to internalize right now. I guess it's pack mule time with the gg Shadow set items and putting that build into retirement at least for the foreseeable future QQ
  • Hey everyone,

    We just applied a hotfix to the PTR servers that increased the Impale damage bonus on Karlei's Point to 375-500% and increased the Impale weapon damage bonus on the Shadow's Mantle 6-piece to 50,000%. You will have to remake game if you're currently in one to have these changes applied.

    Because we hotfixed these changes, the values on the tooltips will not be updated on your PTR client, but you should be receiving the correct amount of increased damage. Please remember that these numbers, like all numbers on the PTR, are not final and may change before we release this patch to the live servers.

    Thanks again for the discussion and have a great weekend!
  • 09/15/2017 03:04 PMPosted by wage
    Any other hotfixes or just shadow?

    There are a couple, but the internet is experiencing some technical difficulties in the building I work in. I'll get these updated here in the forums as soon as I can!