[Wizard] Great! Now add Channeling to DMO.

  • Halo of Karini now seems viable (although the roll variation is even larger than before! :o This means insta cube.)

    With the mitigation of above, the extra range to Frozen Orb should make range game play finally work.

    Now, it's finally time to add channeling to DMO and buff several more of the classes under performing legendaries.

    You have +4 weeks to make and test this change.

    New Set Bonuses to DMO.

    (2) Set:
    Casting Casting Signature Spells and Arcane Power Spending abilities reduces the cooldown of Slow Time by 3 seconds.
    (4) Set:
    You take 60% reduced damage while you have a Slow Time active. Allies inside your Slow Time gain half benefit.
    (6) Set:
    Enemies affected by your Slow Time and for 5 seconds after exiting take 3500% increased damage from your Signature Spells, Arcane Power Spending abilities and Slow Time abilities.

    In addition to the above, some legendaries will need some multipliers:

    Slorak's Madness - Arcane Torrent, Disintegrate, and Ray of Frost deals 550-700% more damage, and this wand will laugh at you when you die Deathwish - While channeling Arcane Torrent, Disintegrate, or Ray of Frost, all damage is increased by 80–100%. Gesture of Orpheus - (redesigned) Whilst channeling Disintegrate, Slow time deals 10,000% weapon damage every second as Arcane, to enemies affected by slow time. (will work with new DMO 6 piece) Dovu Energy Trap - (redesigned - wizard only) Instead of dealing direct damage, Arcane Torrent now accumulates on the target. When casting stops, it explodes dealing 225–250% of the accumulated damage to all enemies within 15 yards.(can not proc MH) Etched Sigil - Your Arcane Torrent, Disintegrate, and Ray of Frost deal 200-350% more damage and also cast one of your other damaging Arcane Power Spenders every second. Light of Grace - Ray of Frost now pierces and your cold skills deals an additional 200-250% more damage.
  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the great Wizard discussion! I don't necessarily think channeling should be tied to DMO. There are already some great channeling builds that are showing promise on the PTR. I especially like the Firebird's EB Ignite one that Cratic showcased recently.

    To help bring these channeling builds up in the next PTR patch, we'll be looking to increase the damage bonus on Deathwish and making it so that Etched Sigil also increases the damage of your Arcane Spenders (yes, that includes the channeled skill itself) while channeling. This is part of an effort to bring non-Archon builds to roughly the same power.

    I know Archon is a heated topic amongst Wizards, so I want to say we will not be looking to nerf any of the current Archon builds. Instead, we're focusing on buffing non-Archon builds, like DMO Frozen Orb and these channeling builds, so that there is variety at that level.

    The discussion and data we've been receiving has been great. We encourage you all to keep on testing as it helps us a lot. The best thing you can do for us right now is to keep on pushing Greater Rifts with all sorts of build on the PTR. Thanks again and have a great weekend!