Question on Developers approach and Barbarian

  • Greetings!

    As much as it may be too much to ask, I'm really looking for direct response from development team.

    As we all know, Barbarians are undergoing some changes during this PTR, and I think I speak for community when I ask

    What is your goal and measures to reach it for barbarian class as a whole?

    Reason for this question lays in couple things.

    1. Part of the community understands the issue with our class, which is immense need for new/reworked items that will synergies with builds, providing gearing alternatives and thru series of smaller/scaling multipliers could allow our class to improve on both, build diversity and power capacity

    2. Part of the community see this patch as simple "numbers pumping" and therfore their approach on changes we need is different.

    These 2 different points of view are creating unnecessary arguments and fights between long time class contributors, as well as are causing feedback clutter, making yours and our work much harder.

    If you could clarify what are your goals for us as a class, it would drastically improve quality of our feedback and means and manners we perform our testing. If we are not to see any legendary items rework in near future, we would provide feedback and recommendations based solely on current set items and legendaries, and point out what numbers on current items could be sufficient. If we will see much needed additions to our items (even in form of updates on existing and currently useless Items), than our feedback and testing will focus on what we have currently and what items - and why - we as community see viable for us.

    We have provided lots of data, testing and leaderboards results. We would like to know which direction is the common ground. Even if you have plans for future patches (let's say next ptr will be about legendary items, which will likely require set bonuses adjustments) we would like to hear it.

    Please give us strong, flexible and capable of dealing damage class for next season. What we have right now is still 5-12 levels below current live performance of other classes, without taking their PTR buffs into consideration.


  • Hey guys!

    All of this discussion has been awesome! I wanted to chime in to let you know we will not be removing IKBB from the set because we think it would disrupt current builds too much. However, we will be looking to increase numbers on many sets across all of the classes for the next PTR patch. We are running a lot of tests to ensure we get everything correct, so they are still TBD, but they are in the ballpark of what Prokahn suggested.

    Speaking of the next PTR patch, we will not be patching PTR next week. We are currently planning on releasing the next PTR patch the week of 9/11, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday. This timeframe is of course subject to change.

    The feedback, discussion, and data has been extremely helpful this PTR cycle. We appreciate all the testing and encourage you all to continue doing so. The best thing you can do for us in the meantime is to keep on pushing Greater Rifts with all sorts of builds on the PTR. Thanks again!