Patch today?

  • F5'ing the PTR patch notes.
  • We had a little hiccup and we're currently planning on patching PTR tomorrow in the afternoon pacific.
  • The patch process is currently ongoing, guys. We're working hard to get this out to you today. :) As soon as we confirm the patch is live, we'll get those notes updated.

    Thanks for your patience!
  • Hey guys!

    As Brandy said, we're working hard to get today's patch out to you guys. Like the patch, the entire PTR is a lengthy process. Sometimes changes we want to make don't make it out when we want to because internal discussions, internal testing, and implementation are all time-consuming. We hope you understand.

    We appreciate all the testing you guys are doing for us and we encourage you to continue doing so. The feedback on the forums and the data we are collecting from high GR clears are super helpful!

    Thanks again for your patience!