Cannot Join Multiplayer Games

  • The Diablo 3 client shows games with people in them when I search for them. When I try to join, the timer always goes to max and a new server opens. I am unable to progress in Season 11 without ally support. Chat is also silent. Please assist.
  • Heya folks, thanks for reaching out about this one.

    We wanted to gather some information on exactly how this is happening, so needed to clarify a little more on one of your posts.

    08/27/2017 08:01 AMPosted by Blazini
    It's every public game regardless of type and level.

    By "Level" here are you talking about all character levels, all difficulties, etc? Are you seeing visible players in the queuing window, or is it displaying as 0 (or some multiple of 4 possibly?) Is there any way you can test on a max level character, even non-seasonal, and see if there are any games available in adventure mode, rifts, or greater rifts?

    My gut instinct on this is that it's possible that you're just trying to play at levels/times when nobody else wants to play in your preferred mode/level/difficulty. Much of the activity in game right now is at top level, or in a quick powerleveling session to get people to max level. It's also possible that the games you're seeing are filling up as you queue, or as MissCheetah said, we could be looking at some kind of bug or account issue. There are many players who are able to queue for public games, however, so we'd need to narrow this down a bit.
  • Hey there, all.

    For any of you with a currently max level character can you still reproduce this? If it persists at level 70 I'll need to test on an account having problems so we can look into getting the issue checked out. Note: do not post any account information here. I have everything I need to do this already. Just note that if I do this, you'll have to pick a new password, as I'll have to send a password reset at the end for security reasons.

    If any of you with this issue have a max level character and are cool with me testing, let me know in this thread. I'll send an email with more instructions to your email address after we've done our testing.
  • Blazini,

    Frankly, if the issue is intermittent, then we're likely not looking at a bug at all. If it happened at all times, we might be looking at something account-level, but fluctuating ability to queue for public games is textbook "No games you're looking for are available at this exact moment." If this happens in the future, try messing around in different difficulties or game modes. This is what I do when I'm doing things like adventure mode farming and have problems finding matches.

    It sounds like something was miscommunicated or misunderstood here. Most likely I'd assume that we logged in during a period with none of your preferred game mode available. Sorry for any confusion as a result.