Natalya/Marauder Hybrid

  • Currently a new DH-build is becoming popular on the PTR. It is based on the 6-piece bonus of Natalya and the 4-piece bonus of Marauder. This build is quite strong, capable of GR100+ for high paragons, and at least GR90-95 for regular players.

    Just in advance, in case you're thinking of nerfing it (by removing N6 apply to pets/sentries): Please don't.

    Some good reasons for that:

      My personal main reason: This is the only build I know of that breaks the Vengeance/Dawn/CDR bondage. Instead, we can focus on RCR just as in earlier times. I think many players wanted a competetive non-Vengeance build for quite some time - now we have one.This build is one of very few ranged builds for the ranged class the DH should be. M6-grenade, UE-Grenade, FoK, S6 ... all are melee builds. I think having another true ranged build (besides UE-Multishot) is a good thing.The build is not based on pulling large groups of monsters together like all the builds based on grenades and FoK. Having another build that kills every monster on screen(besides UE-Multishot) is a good thing, imho. The build is strong, but not extraordinary strong. Probably not the high-end build for max. GR, and clearly not stronger than some build from other classes

    So, no reason to delete this build from the list of possible builds. Just let us play this build in the next season. :)
  • Hi Hebalon,

    Thanks for your feedback! I unfortunately have some bad news for you: in the next PTR patch, we will be testing a change where the N6 damage bonus will not work with your Sentries.

    There are several reason behind this decision:
      The N6/M4 Sentries build can encourage a playstyle where your Sentries do the bulk of the damage. We've had this playstyle before with a previous iteration of M6, and Demon Hunters would just lay down their Sentries, then hide in a corner to shoot. This is less than ideal.

      Our internal testing shows that N6/M4 Sentries with the current numbers has the potential to be far and ahead way better than every other build, let alone the M6 Sentries builds.

      To balance N6/M4 with other builds, we would have to greatly decrease the damage bonus N6 gives. This means severely nerfing other N6 builds that allow for different playstyles than the other Demon Hunter sets.

      We feel that if you want to play a Sentry-centric build, then Marauder's is the set you want to gear for.

    One of our goals is to ensure that each class has multiple builds with different playstyles that are competitive. Making N6/M4 work is possible, but we would be adding a playstyle that is similar to one that already exists (M6) at the cost of losing other playstyles that play differently.

    Thanks again for your discussion!
  • Hey everyone!

    Thanks for all the great feedback and discussion. For the next PTR patch, we will be reverting the change where N6 does not affect Sentries. Instead, we are going to try lowering the M4 damage bonus and increasing the M6 damage bonus to compensate.

    Thanks again for all the discussion and have a great weekend!