2.6.1 WD Jade feedback

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      low toughnesslow dmgcreeping death duration

    low toughness

    To stay alive in GR90++ you are forced into douple unity + endless walk + esoteric + lacumbas + sacred harvester + frightening aspect + cloud of insects and i even tried setups with thing of the deep with swampland and dogs with uhp serpent. You need to stand in the middle of all mobs (6p) or stand still (2p) to make enough dps.

    low dmg

    Compared to my rathma singularity build the dmg output of jade is 5-10 grift lvls behind. LoN, Firebats and cold garg will outdps jade by a mile.

    creeping death duration

    I tried a tanky wormwood setup because creeping death is only like 3600s and new jade consumes 1200s which leeds to mana problems if you have to reapply locust every few seconds. Wormwood is much more fun anyway.


      Wormwood should also give the cloud of insects rune. This frees up a skill slot and gives you more defence options. It also creates a hard choice in cube: furnace (dmg) vs wormdwood (utility&toughness)Haunting Girdle need a 300-500% multiplier on Hauntincrease the duration of creeping death to 100 minutes
  • Hey guys!

    Thanks for all of your feedback. Jade Doctor is one of my favorite Witch Doctor builds and I'm happy to see so much discussion about it. I wanted to let you know that in our next PTR patch (currently scheduled for next Tuesday, subject to change), we'll be increasing duration for the things affected by Creeping Death from 3600 seconds to 14400 seconds. We'll also be testing adding 50% damage reduction after casting Soul Harvest for the Jade Harvester 6-piece. Please remember that this is the PTR and things are subject to change before things go to our Live servers.

    Unfortunately we weren't able to include these changes in this week's PTR patch. The way our patch process works, sometimes changes just don't make the cutoff date. We hope you guys understand. Thanks again!