Challenge rift - More like Challenged's rift.

  • :(

    I tried it yesterday, couldn't wait until season. In the end, I was disappointed but i guess this will beat doing bounties.

    But seriously GR 25... with a talrasha build? I mean sweet jesus! GR25!?

    Still, I do appreciated the new content.
  • Hey all, we’ve been seeing some great feedback on this week’s Challenge Rift build and the featured builds in general. There’s also been some confusion about how builds are chosen each week, so I wanted to offer some clarity on that.

    The build chosen is actually picked by an algorithm, which we’re continuing to refine as time goes on. Each week, it picks a new build used by a player in the past week and makes that the new build for the next week’s Challenge Rift.

    We’re aiming for every build to offer variety and accessibility. This is partly why you won’t often see top-performing Greater Rift builds in this mode of play; while they’re a lot of fun in Adventure Mode, the long learning curve they require to master isn’t as good a fit for a short-lived weekly challenge. For the same reason, we also reviewed this week’s Monk build and decided it was not as accessible as we would like our builds to be, so we’re tweaking the algorithm further to discourage it from selecting similar builds in the future.

    While everyone will have a different take on what kinds of builds are fun, any build that’s picked should at least incorporate ways for you to survive while using it. We’ll keep working to refine which builds the algorithm picks, and as always, we appreciate the feedback we’re getting from all of you in this process!