Error 1016

  • Let me start by saying I only play HC.
    It's very frustrating that I keep disconnecting mid game. I still have a connection to the internet and can talk on discord, listen to music, EVEN STREAM. My stream normally cuts out first if there are any connection issues on my end, but for some reason i keep DCing without any of my other applications dropping.
    I just started having this issue today with no prior problems.
    No hardware changes or software changes were made so I can't understand why this just started happening out of the blue.
    It's very scary to play in anything above T5 with this problem and anything below doesn't drop loot worthwhile.
    Please help.
  • Hey RUiiNERx,

    Error 1016 is a generic disconnection error message. Just lets us know a disconnection happened, so may need to do a bit of troubleshooting to find what is causing these specific disconnections. Since you mentioned the stream cutting out first I was wondering do you see disconnections when not streaming?

    Please do try these steps the help stop the disconnections. I do recommend not playing hardcore characters till the disconnections stop.

    • Please run the Blizzard App with the Run as Administrator option.

    • To be on the safe side make sure Windows and the drivers in the computer are up to date.

    • Run the computer in a selective startup mode.

    • Please power cycle the network equipment and flush the DNS.

    • Wireless connections are not the most stable thing in the world. Anything from a cellphone to a microwave oven can disrupt the signal. If the computer is on a wireless connection, see if using a wired connection improves the connection

    • Let's set the Blizzard App to close when a game is running.
      1) On the Blizzard App click on the big Blizzard icon in the upper left corner.
      2) Then click on Settings from the dropdown menu that opens up.
      3) In the General preference tab, under the When I launch a game field, select Exit completely.
      4) Click on done and launch Diablo III

    • If the disconnections still happen, please post the results from a pathping and trace route. Paste the pathping and trace route into the post, select and highlight everything you just pasted, and hit the "code" button (</>). That'll make the information much more readable.