My $15 excitement killed by 1016

  • I played last 6 hrs ago its all ok, now I always get DC for a couple of minutes inside the game, please fix the said issue, thanks
  • Hey all,

    So 1016 is a generic disconnect error. If this is occurring I would definitely make sure your router firmware is up to date and Ports are open along with using a wired connection.

    However if this does persist we are going to want to run a Pathping test and go from there. To do this just follow the instructions here and reply back with the results and we can go from there.
  • 06/28/2017 04:38 PMPosted by bearliable
    I don't have a router just modem is their a way to see if it is up to date?
    Most ISP's update them for you, you would need to contact them, but that should not be an issue here, that step was mainly for the players having issues while connected to a router that bypassing it resolved.
  • Hey bearliable,

    It looks like that pathping did not complete, you have to let it run for 5-10minutes and then when the command prompt pops back up letting you type text in the command window again it is done.
  • Everything looks pretty solid there. It is possible this is intermittent and if that is the case I would like to have you run one more test. Go ahead and run WinMTR while playing and hopefully you can capture a disconnect and we can identify where the drop is and go from there.