Graphics bug

  • I'm getting an issue where the graphics bug out a lot. I get rotating triangles of browness, centered on NPCs or enemies and extending beyond the screen, that spin across the screen as I move. In rifts, since there are many enemies, these cover about 40-80% of the screen... Last week all was fine and today I can't really play. I haven't updated or changed anything (unless W10 did something bad without me knowing).
  • Hey Siegfried,

    I would definitely make sure to go ahead and update your video drivers and if that does not help I would like to get a screenshot of this as well as a copy of your DXDIAG so I can take a look at it. To get this just follow the instructions here and then paste the contents of the DXDIAG.txt in your reply between the [code][/code] tags and we can go from there.