Framerate gets progressively worse while playing

  • I'm having a problem where as I play the game the framerate gets progressively worse until it's just awful. When I start a new bounties game, I'm around 60-70 fps for the first bounty or two, then it starts getting worse. After about one act I'm down to about 30 fps and by the end of the game I'm at about 19 and it's really chugging, even while just standing in town. Opening the inventory takes forever. I don't know what's causing it.

    I'm playing on a Surfacebook with all drivers up to date. Windowed mode. Graphics settings in game don't seem to affect this problem at all. High or low, it's the same. And game DVR is turned off.
  • Hey Beefpile,

    Have you tried switching to 32bit mode to see if that helped? To do this just go to the Options under the Diablo III logo and select Game Settings. Just tick the Launch 32-bit client (instead of 64-bit) and lets see if that helps at all.