Diablo III Error Code

  • I just got Battle.Net updated after two months of being away. Suddenly, I find that Diablo III does not play anymore. Have any of you come across this error code?

  • Sean,

    Every code is unique so no, no one will have seen the same code. Even if you crash 20 times in a row for the same reason, you'll have 20 different codes.

    For this one, I'd try playing the game with the 32-bit client instead of the 64 bit one. This is selected in the Blizzard Desktop App in the settings section for Diablo III.
  • Hey there Sean!

    Took a look over this and I'd suggest testing the game with the 32 bit client: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/toggling-32bit-mode.

    Based on the timeframe it sounds like you last played before the 64 bit client and DirectX 11 support was introduced.
  • BigBoy,

    Same suggestion for you, try the 32 bit client please.

  • treesomes,

    Could you please provide the complete error message you're seeing?
  • Vystaril/Pepe,

    You both are getting the crash I'm investigating in this thread. We started seeing a spike in these crashes a few days ago. Please try the steps there and let us know how they go.

    This is a super old topic that got necro'd, so I'm going to lock it to prevent confusion.