• Quote: "[Primals] will always have the ideal number of sockets for that item. For pants, chest, and jewelry, this means the maximum number of sockets. Since ideally you will want to use a Ramaladni's Gift on your weapon, Primal weapons will roll with no sockets."

    I posted this suggestion as did many other people. Thank you so much!!!!

    My original request:

    Of course, maybe they didn't see my request and came up with it on their own, but I'm gonna assume they were listening to us.
  • 03/16/2017 04:48 PMPosted by SimpleDave
    They need to add sockets to helms and rings and amulets.

    Just wanted to clarify: Primal Ancient helms will always roll with a socket.

    Seems this was accidentally omitted from the notes. Thanks for catching it!