Goals for the rest of the hardcore season?

  • So Galx is right and this forum has changed haha, this is my attempt at an interesting or positive or inclusive thread XD.

    so like the topic says, what are your goals for the season and have you completed any?

    mine are:
    complete the season journey - done. longest part was 3 gems to 60 lol
    hit 100 hours on a character - done.
    hit 20k elite kills on one character - not done. havent done this since pre-RoS
    crack gr 65 solo - not done. completed 62, need to fool around more and collect keys, but its possible haha.
    make a palm monk - not done. just need fist of az'turrasq. such a cool name, thats gonna be my first born childs name.

    so what're yours?
  • 09/30/2015 08:19 AMPosted by Endeavor
    1. Have fun
    2. Beat Samir

    That's quite the...


    ( •_•)>⌐■-■



    Sorry, I had to.