Some newbie questions

  • I played this game 2 years ago.

    Just leveled a new Wizard to level 66. Some questions.

    1. What does Blood Shards do? I have 400 out of 500.

    2. How do I get those Legendary Gems and how do I level them?

    3. The Mystic can transform a weapon to another weapon. Is it just for looks? I saw a selection of weapon looks.
  • A lot of good advice for new or returning players in this thread. Here's my 2 cents on the subject. If you haven't been doing bounties already then you'll want to do those as well. Completing a full set of bounties in an Act will reward you with a Horadric Cache (2 of them if you stick to the bonus Act). A Horadric Cache will have items and unique crafting materials that are used for a variety of important things. Good luck out there!