Error 3007 time out

  • Hi all ,

    Can somebody please help me with this . Kept getting this at loading time . still dont let me enter or play this game .

    What should do ? im using Norton antivirus - is there anything to do with this or something else i can reset from ?

    Please reply and hope to hear soon thanks
  • Hey supaworm,

    There are a bunch of things that can cause error 3007. It is a bit of a generic error code. It is possible that any security program could cause this error. To see if this is the case you can temporarily disable Norton to see if it makes a difference. On that of that usually one of the basic or advanced steps here can fix this error.

    I am sorry to see that no one else responded to you before me. The forums are designed as a place to get help from the community. We do respond to posts here, but we are not here on the forums 24/7 and we are not able to get to every post. In the future if you do want to get direct help from us I recommend contacting customer service here.