Can Others Make Me Lag?

  • Pretty much what the title says, I almost never have any lag spikes or anything even on GR90+ in huge mobs, but once in a blue moon 1 person will join my game and it just all goes 4 fps the entire time. I can travel away from other players to another town and it works fine. It's only ever happened to me 3 times and i am wanting to know why. It also clear up once the person leaves or i join a new game. My pc's gpu is 1080gtx and proc i75820k with 2TB SSD 1TBHD 16mb of ram motherboard x99, and internet is 340mbps download and 40-45mbps upload. So what's my rare issue here?
  • Heya Proteinnnn,

    We'd need more information to identify this problem. Do the players you see this problem with actually complete tasks with you, or does it still happen while you're pushing split bounties etc as well? Are they a particular class? Do they use a particular build or spell?
  • Hey folks,

    I have another idea based on that description. Can you try swapping to 32 bit mode and see if it persists? There was a similar issue with the Uliana set which should be fixed now.

    If that works, can you please test to see if they're all Inna monks? Are they male, female, or both, and does the inna set have the normal look, or is its appearance transmogrified? If it is indeed some sort of bug or incompatibility that'll help us narrow it down.