Starter Edition won't upgrade to Standard

  • Hey CrazyCat,

    I see that the Diablo III Guest Pass keys were added to your account not the actual game authentication keys. Either on or in the DVD cases there is an authentication key for Diablo III and Reaper of Souls. You will need to add these keys to your account to get full access to the base game and expansion.
  • Hey valasatii,

    I see the last time you played was right before the 72hours is up. Please log in and check again. Now when you kill the Skeleton King a door will open allowing to access the rest of the game.
  • Hey Boldy52,

    The account you are posting from has never had a standard edition of Diablo III on it. If you do have a standard edition of Diablo III then either the game key has not been claimed or it was claimed on another account. If you have any issues claiming the game key or accessing the account the game key was claimed on, please contact Customer Support for further help.
  • Hey bloodknight,

    I only see a Starter Edition of Diablo III on your account. If you purchased a physical copy of Diablo III then you do need to claim the Diablo III Authentication key on your account before you will have full access to the game. The Authentication key will either be in or on the DVD case. The Authentication key can be claimed on your account here:
  • Hey HHong7701,

    To help recover your account, please contact Customer Support.

    In the future do not post your email address in the forums.