Win 10 Low memory warning

  • Please help me I have done a lot of research on this problem but they all seem to be involving windows to
    8 or 8.1. I also know someone is gonna ask, so yes I did try the 8 8.1 fix of resolution matching that didn't help. I am running Windows 10 off a Samsung 840evo ssd with an amd 8350 at 4.1ghz and an Asus Saber tooth 990fx v2 with 16 gigs of ram at 2133mhz speed and 2 msg lightning 780s in SLI. My monitor is a 27inch 2560 x [email protected] 60hz off dual link dvi. I can do anything I want except play more than about an hour or two of D3 with out it freezing my system and giving me the low memory warning. Any help is greatly appreciated thank you.
  • Hey redmoney820,

    See if running Diablo III in 32-bit mode makes a difference.