Disconnects every 2-5 minutes

  • So I am another one who is experiencing this problem - again.

    However, I am running the same game, same patch, same OS on two different systems connected to the same router on the same high speed business internet connection. One system works, the other does not. So I am calling BS on any fix that requires a reboot of the modem- both systems use the same modem/router and I've measured the same throughput on each system.
    Both systems are running the same OS - Windows 10. Both systems use the same mouse, keyboard and monitor - via a switch. Yet one system works and the other does not. Just sayin'
  • Hey all,

    Generally, when you see disconnections happening on one computer and not another one on the same network it would mean we need to just look what specifically happening on the one computer. With the router the really only thing I have seen cause disconnections like this is if there is some Quality of Service (QoS) setting in the router that is set to not prioritize traffic from that one computer that could cause the disconnection. If there is some Quality of Service (QoS) setting you may need to speak to your work IT department about changing the setting.

    More likely we are dealing with something in the one computer that is causing issues. Could be the game client is damaged, malware or another program is causing the disconnection, or several other things. I do have some steps for you all to try that could help. If the disconnections continue please post a DxDiag and the specific parts of the MSinfo asked for below.

    • Run the Diablo III repair tool.

    • Please run the Battle.net with the Run as Administrator option.

    • Let's set the Battle.net App to close when a game is running.
    1) On the Battle.net App click on the big Battle.net icon in the upper left corner.
    2) Then click on Settings from the dropdown menu that opens up.
    3) In the General preference tab, under the When I launch a game field, select Exit battle.net completely.
    4) Click on done and launch Diablo III

    • Open the My Documents folder in Windows. In the My Documents folder there will be a Diablo III game folder. Delete the Diablo III folder.

    • To be on the safe side make sure Windows and the drivers in the computer are up to date.

    • Run the computer in a selective startup mode.

    Please run a full scan of the computer with an security program.

      1) Press Windows Key + R.
      2) Type DxDiag and press Enter.
      3) In the DxDiag window, click Save All Information.
      4)Name the file "dxdiag" and click Save

    Please post the Running Tasks and Services from the MSinfo.
      1) Hit the Windows key + R, and type: msinfo32
      2) Then hit Enter or Ok.

      3)Click on the + sign next to Software Environments
      4) Click on Running Tasks
      5) Click on one item on the right side
      6) Click on Edit, and then Select All(Or hit Ctrl-A)
      7) Click on Edit. The copy and paste everything into a reply.

      8) Then click on Services
      9) Click on one item on the right side
      10) Click on Edit, and then Select All(Or hit Ctrl-A)
      11) Click on Edit. The copy and paste everything into a reply.

    Paste the everything into the post, select and highlight everything you just pasted, and hit the "code" button (</>). That'll make the information much more readable.