creates "Blizzard" folder in ~

  • I was directed to post to the forums by "Laenowatar" in ticket US58643632. Since I play Diablo but not WoW, I figured I'd post here.

    From the ticket:

    The launcher (currently puts a "Blizzard" folder in my home directory. I want my home directory free of other applications' personal directories. Since the only thing in ~/Blizzard is, I'd suggest putting that sort of thing in ~/Library/Caches/net.battle.launcher. If you need a folder for other purposes, I'd look into putting things in ~/Library/Application Support/

    At any rate, this behavior seems to be new in At most it was present in the version prior to that and I didn't notice.

    Thanks for helping me keep my home directory uncluttered. I'm on macOS 10.12.2 if that helps.
  • Heya adiabatic,

    This has actually been this way for a while now. In some cases we run into permissions problems with the application and conflicts with various Mac OS versions, so there are some folders in various directories such as your application support folder and the one in your home directory.

    This isn't really something we can troubleshoot on the tech forums, as that folder is always going to be in that location with the current build of However, this may be a good thing to provide feedback on at the Forums.

    Hope this helps, and thanks for reaching out!