Timeouts and Disconnects

  • Anyone else getting random timeouts and disconnects periodically? Maybe once every half hour to full hour? I'm not having any network issues whatsoever and have done plenty of tests to ensure such a claim. But while I'm playing D3, I can be in the middle of a Rift and just get randomly "timed out" and I seriously have no logical explanation for it.

    Just wanting to see if anyone else has experienced this lately. Seems like it just started either yesterday or today with no prior problems at all.
  • Heya,

    I'd make sure your windows and network drivers are up to date first and foremost. It's a quick check and can help with connection stability, since our games tend to be somewhat more sensitive to lost packets than most of what you'd do with your internet connection. If you're on wifi, that's another major cause of disconnections or spiking latency. I'd recommend seeing if you can get closer to the router, and if even that doesn't work, snagging an ethernet cable and testing on that type of connection instead.

    Should that fail, let's get a connection test and see if there's anything glaring on the path between your house and our servers. Your data has different 'roads' it follows through the internet depending on where it's going. It's possible there's a problem on one of those roads (kind of like a traffic jam) on the way to our game servers specifically.

    1. Go to the WinMTR.NET site and download the file from the right hand side of the page. (The purple button.)
    2. Double click WinMTR.NET file in your download folder
    3. Enter the following in the "Host" blank:
    4. Click Start and let the test run for 5-10 minutes while playing. You want to make sure you capture some trouble with your connection during this time period, so if you don't have problems for 10 minutes or so (maybe a couple GRifts), just click Stop, then Start to restart the test and keep playing.
    5. Click Stop
    6. Click Copy text to clipboard
    7. Paste your WinMTR test on your next post.
    8. Repeat steps 3-7 for the IP

    I'll check those out and look for 'traffic jams'
  • Hey all. Sorry for delay, have been on weekend.

    There aren't really many similarities between the tests that were provided here, and the original poster never sent in a test either, which is what I was looking for here. Some of the posters have high packet loss in their tests which is probably the reason for the disconnections. There are also a few things that are not the same problem as the original poster being reported here. What I can do is point out a few problems I saw in some of these tests which are probably the cause of the issue. I can point out a few that do have some obvious problems. 1 0 % 455 455 0 0 6 0
    * 2 100 % 0 0 ∞ 0 0 0
    * 3 100 % 0 0 ∞ 0 0 0 4 36 % 332 210 2 2 17 5 1 0 % 559 559 0 0 7 0 2 31 % 426 292 1 0 20 0 3 33 % 420 279 2 0 19 0

    Lostmessiah, you have packet loss that appears to start right after your router. You can see your router's IP address, and then about 30% packet loss which goes down the rest of the test. For your situation, I recommend power cycling your network hardware and contacting your ISP about the packet loss if it fails. 1 6 % 471 441 7 11 30 16 2 6 % 471 441 7 8 36 8

    Vicodinz, this is the beginning of your test, and this packet loss starts between your computer and router. I'd also try power cycling using the instructions in the link above. If that doesn't work, if you're on wifi, you probably need to get much closer to your router or swap to an ethernet cable if that fails. You can also update your network drivers.

    It's not possible for us to troubleshoot everyone's individual issue in this one thread, and we aren't aware of any server-side connection issues that would cause this currently. If we do see high impact issues, we post about them on the forums or on Twitter until they're fixed.

    All we see in this thread is a bunch of one off issues with no common cause currently. You're probably better off starting your own thread or opening a ticket if I didn't address your specific cause here, or you are not the original poster. If you do start a thread of your own, we do need the MTR tests to be run to both IP addresses for Diablo III while you are having problems with your connection so we can try to find out why this is happening to you specifically.

    If we do find some kind of issue on our end, we'll definitely post about it, but that is not what we're seeing right now.
  • 01/20/2017 07:40 PMPosted by Mordrehl
    Did somebody just buy a new block of IP's and forget to tell everyone to update the Geo tables? In either case I'm firmly convinced the problem is @


    Your last question first because it's the easiest. Yes, those IPs were recently acquired and have not been updated in most whois lookups. If you were actually going to Germany, your latency would be MUCH worse than the average of 75 MS you're seeing. Is there any way you can get us a test that actually shows the packet loss? As you can surely see from many of the tests in this thread, not everybody's issue is the same, here. We do monitor those ips which belong to us for issues, and tend to post about any major server side issues. There's no point in us having people troubleshoot if we're aware of a problem on our end that the troubleshooting will not resolve. 1 4 % 456 437 0 2 713 2
    * 2 100 % 0 0 ∞ 0 0 0 3 4 % 449 431 9 12 692 10 4 3 % 448 431 11 23 685 18


    You've got the same situation many of the other users in this thread have. You're dropping large amounts of packets which result in a disconnect. The problem starts between your computer and your router.

    If you're on wireless, swap to ethernet. Power cycle your connection, and if that fails, bypass your router.
  • Hey all,

    Looking over the resent reports in this thread looks like most of you are in Malaysia or Australia. The connection test I have seen post are to the North American servers. If you are player in the Americas region the server, you would want to do the test to are the ones located in Australia. To help out find what may be the common cause here please run a WinMTR to the Australian server IP address

      1) Download WinMTR - http://winmtr.net/download-winmtr/
      2) Unzip the WinMTR.zip file to the Desktop.
      3) Open the WinMTR folder and select the one corresponds to your version of Windows (32 or 64 bit version).
      4) Run the WinMTR.exe
      5) Type the IP address in the "Host" field
      6) Click on "Start" while playing
      & Run for at least 10 minutes then click on "Stop" in WinMTR
      7) Click on "Export text" and save to a text file.
      8) Copy and paste the contents of whole file here.
      9) Click on "Start"
      10) Run for 10 minutes then click on "Stop" in WinMTR
      11) Click on "Export text" and save to a text file.
      12) Copy and paste the contents of whole file here.
  • Discardedsin, 1 19 % 807 651 1 0 924 0 2 20 % 788 627 24 0 945 0 3 20 % 785 622 24 0 957 0

    Same here as many of the other tests - you've got packet loss between your computer or router. Judging by what you've done so far, you probably need to switch to a wired ethernet cable if you are on wifi. If not, you may need to replace the router as something is going very wrong either at your network card or router.

    Jacozilla, 2 0 % 190 189 1 1 7 2 3 25 % 152 113 9 11 29 13 4 13 % 168 146 9 12 43 15

    Starting here, right after your house, it looks like, there's a huge amount of packet loss in both tests. If you're still having problems and did the troubleshooting you mentioned in your post, you want to reach out to your ISP.
  • For the folks in Malaysia,

    Can we get a copy of a Looking Glass test? This runs a trace from our servers to your house and can bypass a lot of ICMP restrictions.

    1. Go to the link for Looking Glass
    2. Change "Select the Service" to Diablo III
    3. Make sure all three of the boxes for "Select the Tests" are checked
    4. Click "Run Test"
    5. Click the "Copy Result to Clipboard" button at the top of the Test Result box
    6. Paste it in your next post.

    NOTE: this is only for the Malaysian users right now. If you have this problem in other areas of the world, we do need winMTRs run while the issue happens to try to identify the problem. Not all of these are ISP issues, but this test can help us identify the problem when it is.

    It appears that as Zephyrous said most of these MTR tests are failing because the ICMP is blocked at the router or ISP level. There is no built in way to do a TCP traceroute on Windows, unfortunately, and the only way I'm aware of involves installing frameworks and third party utilities. We may ask some of you to do this in future posts, but for now I'd like to see what the path going from us to you looks like using the utility above.
  • Heya,

    If this were happening with all players or a large number of players, we wouldn't be trying to troubleshoot a connection issue. I've done some digging and looked at our active users when these reports are coming in. There don't appear to be large numbers of players dropping when we're getting reports on this thread.

    If you want information on whether or not a connection issue is a server issue, check out our Twitter around the time it happens. You can also keep an eye out for blue posts confirming issues when they arise.

    We do our best to help correct all types of connection issues. The tests we're asking for are hopefully to help pinpoint the issue. Without them, unfortunately, there's not much we can do to help outside of providing basic troubleshooting steps.
  • 1 1 % 1241 1219 2 14 903 25 2 2 % 1223 1193 10 23 993 33


    I'm pretty sure I see what the problem is here. The problem that keeps causing you issues is related to the packet loss between your computer and your router. It's causing high latency spikes and a large loss of data. When our servers lose the feed of data from your PC for an extended period of time like you can see in this test, you disconnect. You probably need to swap to ethernet to resolve it.

    Your second test was actually clean, but we did see a large drop in players using a specific ISP at that exact timeframe. I am willing to bet that was an unrelated issue to your core problem, the packet loss. Dugite and antsunrise were also most likely having the same problem at that time. It should be resolved now.

    01/26/2017 09:30 AMPosted by Nosrslystfu
    are you saying there is nothing you can do despite the MTR and the Looking Glass tests I provided?

    Not at all! Sorry for the silence on the Malaysian issues so far. We still are collecting data on this, and don't see any obvious issues just yet with the tests that were sent in. If you can please continue sending tests in when it happens, this will help us get more information.

  • | Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last |
    | - 0 | 809 | 809 | 4 | 10 | 61 | 9 |
    | - 0 | 809 | 809 | 5 | 11 | 60 | 12 |
    | 4826.sgw.equinix.com - 8 | 618 | 570 | 130 | 136 | 257 | 132 |
    | ten-0-6-0-4.cor01.per02.wa.vocus.net.au - 8 | 626 | 580 | 131 | 139 | 256 | 135 |
    | bundle-102.cor03.syd03.nsw.vocus.net.au - 9 | 598 | 545 | 129 | 135 | 243


    I shortened your test to focus on the relevant parts (highlighted in bold and underlined.). It looks like starting at the 6th line in your test, your connection is starting to have packet loss problems as well. This one is outside of your Internet Service Provider's direct network it looks like, potentially an issue between them and a 'peering partner.' A peering partner is like an ISP for your ISP - they provide internet services to get your internet traffic outside of your network.

    Your ISP pays these people to do this, so your best point of contact here is going to be your own Internet Service Provider. You need to let them know that you seem to be getting some packet loss as you pass through the following location:


    You may need to talk with a tier 2 or 3 technician so that you can show them the test and so that they can escalate this to the people that own this part of the internet. Hopefully with this, they can get this fixed up.