Wand of WoH fails to cast xtra explosive blast vid

  • BDF

    When casting explosive blast very quickly (approx more than once per second) the game is failing to cast all of the expected explosive blasts.

    From 0:34 to 0:42 of the video I cast 5 explosive blasts, meaning wand of woh should cast another 15 blasts for a total of 20 expected blasts.

    Each blast hits for 61,131 damage so the amount of damage I should have done would be:

    Expected Damage = 20 * 61,131 = 1,222,613

    Starting enemy HP = 9,835,957
    Ending enemy HP = 8,980,123
    Damage Dealt = 855,834

    Damage Dealt / Damge_per_blast = # Blasts Cast
    855,834 / 61,131 = 14 blasts

    Out of the 20 expected blasts, only 14 were actually casted, or only 70% of what should have been triggered.

    Out of 1,222,613 expected damage, only 855,834 was dealt.

    For further detail see my post in the Legendary Item Issue thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/19974087384?page=2#37
  • This is fixed in the next PTR client patch. We also fixed Debilitating Force stacking.