Lightning round #3 - Set Bonuses

  • This is intended to be a quick answer thread, keep your replies to a few sentences max, preferably one sentence if possible.


    Q: Should the maximum number of set pieces for a end game sets be reduced to increase build variation and diversity?

    If yes, what should be new standard number of pieces be? 4 (e.g. Sunwukos,) 5 (e.g Reakors)

    If no, why should the number of required pieces stay or how could it be tweaked?
  • 02/05/2015 05:25 AMPosted by DaFemaleBoss
    Polls are frowned upon according to forum rules.

    Petition threads are frowned upon, as well as any type of thread where people ask for replies as votes, which has the effect of discouraging real discussion.

    That said, it's totally fine to pick a certain aspect of the game and ask whether and why your fellow community members might want to change it - even if they're limited to a relatively short response (as in this thread).

    For instance, it's helpful to know why people might not want to change the number of pieces required in a competitive end-game Set. On the other hand, if they do feel the number of pieces should be reduced, it's equally good to know how many pieces they think end-game Sets should have, and why they feel that's the right number.

    It's the "why" behind the way players feel that's most helpful to us, simply because it gives us much more detailed information that we can pass on to the development team. That said, this discussion is fine as is, and I hope to see it continue. :)