Website Bug Report (for a QA to please read)

  • Could/would a QA from the Bugs area please walk down the hall and maybe light a fire under the website support staff (if there is one). ;-)

    There are some people that like using this website and when they encounter an issue, they post it over at the Website Bug Report board yet there is no feedback, support, or moderation over there. Its a mess!

    Since August, there has been only 13 replies from a website staff member.

    During that time:
    1) Profiles stop working or never worked.
    2) The Friends tab in profiles does not work.
    3) People have log in issues.
    4) Some weapons in players profiles don't report all features. Like the Skorn. In a profile here on the website, Bleed damage does not show. There are others I'm sure.
    5) People have browser incompatibility issues.
    6) The "Send Website Feedback" system does not work. Instead, there is snarky error message that reads;
    "Nuclear Launch Detected.

    We seem to be having a little problem with our website, so we may experience some slight turbulence and then – explode.

    Error ID: 8UVG8"

    7) People constantly post game issues there. Because there is no moderation, those threads don't get redirected to the proper area for support.
    8) People have timeout issues.
    9) Sticky request isn't working properly.
    10) The ignore feature does not work properly. Some how, people that have been "ignored" are suddenly not ignored.

    The list goes on. :-(

    Some of the issues above have been going on as far back as anyone can remember.

    BTW - Redirecting this thread over to the Website Bug Report board will mean that it will go unread because there is no support there to read it. :-(

    Thanks! :-)
  • Thank you for contact us. I can assure you that our forums are moderated, including Website Bug Reports, however we do not always reply to posts. As most of this is related to Website Bug Reports, I'll be moving it there. But I have taken note of the issues reported and they will be looked into. Thanks again.