Plans aren't showing up!

  • Okay i have been playing Diablo for about a year now and i absolutely love it. However, there is still so much i don't know about it. Before when i would get a plan drop, I could just right click when talking to the blacksmith and the plan would show up. Yesterday i dropped FOUR plans all within 3 hours!!!! So i rushed to the blacksmith, clicked on craft, and right clicked on the plans. When i did this, the blacksmith had that same old swirly thing come over him as if he was taught the plans, but they are nowhere to be found. Like i said, I still have so much to learn and i now this is probably an easy fix I just need answers!!! Thanks for any input
  • Yeah, the option to filter craftable items on the artisans was patched in 2.0, and sometimes it can be a little easy to miss, especially for returning players. I think I'll bring it up in a meeting since I see it pop up on the forums now and then, and hopefully adding a blue reply in this thread helps highlight it for others. I'm glad one of your fellow players was able to help, and have fun with your adventures in Sanctuary!