New patch datamined. There may be hope for wizzard


    A step in the right direction i would say. What do you think ?
  • 07/17/2014 04:00 PMPosted by maSu
    Energy Twister
    Mistral Breeze : Now reduces cost to 25 Arcane Power (down from 28).

    Energy Twister actually received a significant change (in addition to the AP cost reduction on Mistral Breeze) in the latest PTR patch that I’d like some feedback from you guys on. The change didn’t show up in datamining, so I’ll leave this tidbit of information here:

    • Energy Twister now originates from the player’s click location

    The goal here is to retain Energy Twister’s unpredictability, while still allowing you to hit the target you’re aiming for.

    We'll get the PTR patch notes updated shortly. In the meantime, give ET a whirl and let me know what you think! Thanks!