Let's talk about tempest rush...

  • ZaM
    I understand that blizzard doesn't see it as a "movement" skill and that they want it instead to be a proper attack, but I don't see how its tiny aoe is any competition to the other serious spirit spenders. Tripling its channel cost and less than doubling its damage is essentially a nerf efficiency-wise.

    Believe me I'd love to see myself attacking with tempest rush but a measly 400% weapon damage at 30 spirit is nowhere near competing against the aoe and damage effectiveness of WoL or even lashing tail kick (which has the same spirit cost...)

    I understand TR has some other advantages such as proc rate and mobility, but basically any serious monk is going to be using dashing strike for mobility and any other spirit spender as dps.

    My suggestion to make TR viable is to implement one or more of the following:

    - Increase the damage effectiveness to be more in line with other spirit spenders (600+%)
    - Increase the AoE
    - Make it break cc
    - base 30% chance (or whatever amount is fair) to parry attacks while tempest rushing (similar to block but 100% damage reduction), and hopefully it would work on DoTs unlike dodge
    - make the flurry rune the default effect
    - increase the TR damage (or all damage) by X% weapon damage for each second it is channeled
    - add inherent spirit regeneration while channeling (4-5 spirit regen?)

    07/10/2014 03:20 PMPosted by MasterSpark
    Reflects all incoming projectiles coming in from the front

    07/11/2014 02:26 AMPosted by Folseus

    1) Leave a trail of fire that deals x% damage per second for y seconds
    2) Cause an explosion every y seconds while channeling Tempest Rush
    3) Create a burst of flame when striking an enemy damaging everything within y yards for x% damage
    Additional suggestions:A lightning rune that
    1) Causes a "conduit" like effect while channeling Tempest Rush as a range improving and competitive lightning damage rune
    2) Chance on hit to cause chain lightning
    3) Chance on hit to cause regular lightning that pierces
    4) Create charged bolts while channeling
    A physical rune that
    1) Pulls enemies in to the path you just rushed through
    2) Creates tornadoes (overlaps with Barbarian concept though)
    3) Chance on hit to shoot out blades of wind
  • Hey all,

    I wanted to chime in and explain the philosophy behind the most recent Tempest Rush changes on our Public Test Realm.

    We want to make Tempest Rush damage comparable to other moving-while-doing-damage skills (like Strafe and Whirlwind). Increasing the damage also meant increasing the resource cost, though.

    As our internal tests have shown and some players have figured out by playing on the PTR, Tempest Rush is still infinitely sustainable with some gear and skill specialization. However, we've heard your feedback and are looking at ways to help improve that sustainability further. At the moment, we're exploring increasing both the Monk's base Maximum Spirit and Spirit regeneration from skills (which will have class-wide benefits as well). In addition to this, the next PTR build fixes an issue where Tempest Rush incorrectly has an upfront cost of 30 Spirit in addition to the channeling cost. The end goal for all these changes would be to make Tempest Rush sustainable with fewer items and skills as it is now in PTR, but still deal meaningful damage.

    We don't have an ETA on when these changes might be on live the PTR. And, full disclosure: since this is a PTR, such changes are subject to iteration before the patch goes live.

    Thanks for the discussion!