Transmog Request

  • Hi Blizzard, In the next patch, can you please allow us to transmog any weapon into other weapon types (not hand types, though that would be neat)? And also can you allow Crusaders to transmog any shield into a Crusader Shield (even if it means making the item Crusader Only)?

    Currently one of dilemmas is, my Crusader is running around with a 2H Flail and a normal type shield, and I would MUCH prefer a 2H sword or spear and a Crusader Shield.

    I also plan on getting a Daibo for my Monk later down the road, but the staff transmogs just aren't that appealing and I would rather have it look like a different weapon.

    It would also be nice to be able to dye our weapons and shields, as well as use vanishing dye on a weapon or offhand. Often times I see a nice item to use, and the colors schemes just don't match, it would be really great if we can remedy that.
  • We've got some adjustments to the Transmogrify system on the way, and you should be able to test them out on the PTR at some point in the near(ish) future. There will still be some restrictions in place, but some of the current ones will be lifted. Specifically the class-restricted limitations will be modified to offer a little more freedom.

    I can tell you up front that you won't be able to Transmogrify your gear to look like another class, but you'll have more options for your own class-specific gear when all is said and done.
  • 07/11/2014 03:24 PMPosted by EnkerZan
    But what if you want to turn a normal shield into a Crusader shield?

    This should work as long as you do it while playing your Crusader. The shield will default back to its normal appearance if you transfer it to another character, though.

    07/11/2014 02:40 PMPosted by Zepheron
    We especially need more options for 2H flails. 1H flails can be 1H swords/axes/maces, so why can't 2H flails be 2H swords/axes/maces?

    The current restrictions on weapon transmogrification will still be in place after this change, but I'll bring this specific situation up at our next meeting.

    07/11/2014 02:07 PMPosted by GOSU
    Thats good to hear. I will assume my barb can finally transmog Raekors on her gear (also picked this up when I caught part of yesterday's stream, they said someone had this working internally).

    This is a good example of what will be possible once these changes take place. Currently, players are unable to Transmog gear into the Raekor set, and even in a situation where the original piece of gear in question is a piece of Raekor. However, after the change a Barbarian could alter their gear to look like Raekors, so long as it’s been unlocked as an option. The item would default to its original appearance when transferred to a different class.
  • 07/15/2014 02:18 PMPosted by Skavok
    Please for the love all all things holy let us transmog our 2hand flails to other weapon types.

    I'm going to bring this up at our next meeting with the developers and see what they say. There might be technical reasons why this is restricted, but the way it currently works is not very intuitive since 1-handed flails can Transmog into other weapons.