Salvaging Regrets

  • I have 3 in my 460+ PLevels. I came back to D3 about a month after RoS and eventually had 2 items drop that I had no use for on my Wizard. So I salvaged them. I had no idea...but it makes me sick, especially the 1st one.

    1) Rimeheart (Stamina as the main stat)
    2) Furnace--Luckily I got another one, albeit INT based for my WD.
    3) Hexing Pants--I finally got a second pair.

    This is not even counting the countless items that I had ruined with stupid rerolls before I understood the game.

    What is your salvaging regret?
  • I accidentally salvaged my first Nemesis bracer, because it wasn't on my character while I was working on Enchanting it. I don't remember if I had already spent a Forgotten Soul on it or not, though. It wasn't tough to replace, but it took me a while to do so when you factor in my personal "luck" with that sort of thing.

    I've never seen a Rimeheart drop, but seeing the amount of accidentally salvaged ones in this thread makes a goatman cry a little.