PTR Copy works but actual gear ist not being transfered

  • As in the Headline I copied my char to the PTR but unfortunately my actual Wizard gear has not been transferred. Instead I got an old status with less gear.
  • 01/24/2014 09:07 AMPosted by jackpot548
    The copy function from the live server takes the most recent "server backup" that is available. This is not the same as your last save....this is a server side copy of all of your character information that blizzard periodically takes to facilitate backups and account recovery. I would suspect that when your 72 hrs are up after this most recent copy, then your latest gear will copy over. If not then open a support ticket....this has happend before with previous PTRs and it usually clears up after a day or so.

    This is mostly true, however, please DO NOT open a support ticket about this. Customer support agents cannot affect the state of the characters you copy over to the PTR.

    The PTR character copy is to get you in the game and able to test with as close an approximation of your live character as possible. However, there is no guarantee that your most current gear or saved state will be used. As jackpot548 pointed out, it does sometimes take several days before the saved "snapshot" of your characters updates.

    Feel free to wait out the 72 hour cooldown and recopy your character(s), but do be aware that any progress you've made on the PTR in the interim will be lost when you hit that copy button again.
  • Good suggestion, Matthew. I'll forward that along to the community team.