Item dissapeared

  • I cant remeber the name of it but i scored one of those new legendary helms that didnt have an icon yet, you know looked like a big purple blob on your head, nice dex, nice vit socket, and had the chance to charm undead.
    well after the pacth got downloaded tonight its not on my toon anymore.. I didnt check all my toons yet to see if anything else went poof, and no i didnt delete it or drop it anywhere. i did use one of those dyes to make it invis tho cause i got tired of looking at it lol.
    Anyway did anyone else have any items go poof?
  • Do either of you remember the name of the item?

    This may be intended, as many items were totally redesigned between the last PTR/Beta patch and this patch and a few items may have been outright removed. To be sure however. I'd like to try and gather the names of the items that players have lost and run them by our development team.

    If you are missing an item since the previous PTR patch, feel free to reply and let us know the name of the item, or at least as much information about the item as you can remember.