Problems with playing while downloading the game

  • I've already had a PTR 1.08 copy on my PC, but in order to play the new PTR, I had to install a beta Battlenet client, and download 15Gb PTR 2.01 content...Maybe it was a misunderstanding on my side, but it wasn't clear how to lauch an upgrade instead of download.

    The problem I have encountered is - it is almost impossible to play the game, while it is in the process of downloading. You can launch the game, look the manu options, create a character, but if you are trying to lauch a game - it says "plz wait while additional content is in the process of downloading" and the game freezes and the PC is not responding. Had to restart my computer two times because of the same problem.

    my PC specs
    AMD Phenom II x6 1055
    12 Gb ram
    Geforce 460GTX 1gb
    40 Mb/s internet connection

    So I would suggest, that you leave out this option of "playing while downloding", because even with a pretty good PC and a fast connection it is better to wait untill the downoad is finished.
  • There is no option to patch your 1.0.8 game client to the 2.0.1 PTR client. While we are testing 2.0.1, it is only available as a separate game client.

    Additionally, the ability to play while content is downloading (also known as "streaming") is dependent upon many factors, including (but not limited to) your internet connection and your PC hardware. Some connections and machines will be able to handle it better than others. If you are experiencing problems playing while the client is streaming, allow more data to download and wait until the client reaches the "green" phase (you can see the progress for this on the Diablo III page of the desktop Application), then try again.