Mechanics and skills

  • - Mage, skill electrocute (Arc Lightning) can't cast with swift key at long mouse range.
    Skill ray of frost cant pierce throw IA and WD zombie dogs (Couldn't test with other pets it was a public game).

    - You can teleport from one place to the same one. I don't know if thats a bug but i think you couldn't do it before.

    - Wood wraith (Trees from Act 1, fields of misery) the posion cloud that leaves behind their body when they die makes your character head go crazy. It starts looking both sides (I already submited a ticket like 1 year ago about this but it seems it is not important).

    Advice:Let us dye our wings in RoS please!

  • Hi Kyozune,

    While we really appreciate you taking the time to submit these reports, in the future we would prefer that you create a unique thread per separate issue you have to report. This simply makes it easier for my team to sift through the information, and in turn improves the turnaround time in which we can get these issues reported to our developers to be looked at and fixed.

    For more details what we are looking for in a bug report, feel free to check out the following sticky post: